Workplace Trends for 2022

As we look ahead to 2022, what are the most significant trends you need to be aware of and lead through? Wise leaders tune into trends in workplace culture and make plans to help their organization and employees succeed. There will be unexpected issues that surface in 2022 however, preparing to address likely scenarios will give your organization an advantage as it moves forward quickly to fulfill its vision and your mission. Let’s take a look at the top major trends in the workplace this year.

Trend 1: This period of resignation will cause organizations to fight to attract and retain top talent

People are quitting their jobs in record numbers, and since April 2021, about 15 million people have left their jobs. Experts are forecasting that the quit rate will continue or accelerate in 2022. A survey reveals that 48% of employees are actively looking for a job or willing to consider a new job.

How can you retain and attract top talent in this harsh environment? Focus on sustaining a successful culture with engaged employees. If employees have an emotional connection to their work and organization, which is how HRMatrix defines engagement, the chances improve that employees will stay and contribute to your organization’s mission.

Trend 2: Employee compensation and well-Being will is key

As we look to observe the overall workplace culture, issues related to employee compensation and well-being are increasing. Profit corporations increase entry-level pay due to a tight labor market, and the gap between industry and non-profit compensation is increasing. At the same time, employees are feeling the great strain of mental health issues, putting a focus on PTO, medical, and retirement benefits.

Trend 3: The skills of the front-line manager will become increasingly critical to organizational effectiveness

The front-line manager is the fundamental link between the employee and the organization. A strong connection is the core of retention. Research displays that front-line manager skills and impact are right below pre-COVID levels. With the prevalence of remote work, employees understand that managers care less about them as people. Great leaders have an opportunity to step up in this environment to model supportive traits while they coach and equip their front-line managers to care for their direct reports.

Trend 4: A hybrid or remote-first approach will be adopted by many organizations

The concept that work only happens in an office is not returning. The technological advancements for working from anywhere were being used pre-pandemic, and the ability to pivot to remote work for many organizations illustrated that a fixed place for work is no longer necessary. An overwhelming percentage of remote workers desire the flexibility to continue to do at least a substantial amount of their work from home.

Rather than fighting against this trend, savvy leaders will seek to equip their employees to be successful in accomplishing their jobs, regardless of where they are. Support for remote work includes rethinking ways to create synergy and fantastic communication between employees and their teams. Organizations that can leverage the benefits of hybrid and remote work models, while mitigating the matter of emotional disconnection, will allow their employees to thrive in these now-normal settings.

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