Wireless speaker buying guide

Wireless speaker buying guide

There are a lot of passionate viewpoints regarding speakers. Everybody and their dog believes they possess the absolute truth, whether it pertains to the greatest brand, best production method, the best chair in which to listen to jazz, or the best supper to have before perusing the Backstreet Boys’ back catalog.

The fact is that there is no absolute truth. The soundscape from hell is one person’s sonic heaven. However, the extraordinary, quick growth of wireless speakers is one aspect of speaker technology that is difficult to ignore.

The days of finding amazing sound only in a setup with numerous receivers and wire lengths that seemed to go around the world are long gone. Today, several audio manufacturers have produced speakers that wouldn’t look out of place in the pages of Wallpaper* Magazine or on one of those arrogant and reluctantly inspirational Architectural Digest home tours.

Wireless speakers are enticing, especially when you go “full wireless” and enter the portable speaker market. They have sleek looks, take up very little room, and you don’t have to remember which wire goes where. There are plenty more excellent options in between, ranging from tiny, pocket-sized speakers from companies like JBL to huge, booming monsters like the UE hyper boom.

To locate exactly what you’re searching for and which speaker will provide the best musical value for your money, it is worthwhile to thoroughly research both marketplaces.

What purpose will you put it to?

In most cases, this query is foolish, as it might appear to be. You want a wireless speaker that produces the greatest sound possible, of course. It’s not quite that straightforward, though, as many excellent speakers also have smart capabilities. Both the Sonos Move and the Bose portable smart speaker provide portability and intelligence while maintaining a fantastic sound that fulfills the function of a fitted speaker.

Several items can be referred to be wireless. Naturally, “portable” refers to speakers with a built-in battery that you can carry around in your backpack all day without having to worry about finding a plug outlet, like the vibrant, reasonably priced Soundcore flare 2. Check out our review for additional details about the flare. According to our tester, it “doesn’t feel like a budget option: It’s substantial and durable, water-resistant, includes speakerphone functionality, and delivers surprisingly decent sound.”

How should I use a wireless speaker to listen to music?

There are several methods for using wireless speakers to play music. Nearly all contemporary personal electronics, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, have Bluetooth capabilities, making it simple to pair with other devices and play your music, wherever it may be kept.

Over the past 10 years, streaming services like Spotify and Tidal have become incredibly popular, offering years’ worth of music to keep you entertained. Spotify is launching its HD streaming service this year, and firms like Tidal, Deezer, Primephonic, and Qobuz all offer HD music for various preferences.

The verdict: Wireless speakers

Having a good speaker setup at home is unrivaled. It provides unmatched clarity, will be by your side for years, and you may add to and enhance it as time goes on. Although the top end of the market now rivals many wired setups for sound quality, wireless systems from companies like Sonos, Bose, and Bluesound provide methods to customize and enhance the sound you already know and love at home while also making your life a whole lot more organized.

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