Why should you get your pet on canvas?

Getting a personalized pet portrait for your four-legged buddy may have been on your mind for quite some time now. You may have been puzzled about how to get a pet portrait for you. If you have been thinking of it, then here is your chance to get it done. At Printing with Paws, you can get your pet on canvas from the hands of a professional. It is an amazing opportunity to present a beautiful gift to yourself.

There are several reasons to get your pet on canvas. Let’s check out some:

To honour/ remember your deceased pet

A memorial pet portrait is especially for those pet owners who have lost their dear friend. Pet owners like to see their pets in front of them. They like to talk to the portrait of their pet, believing that their pet is listening to them. Some may even want to cry out in front of the portrait, while others may keep their pet’s belonging in front of the painting and feel they’re around.

Getting a memorial portrait of your pet is the last thing you can do with your pet, for your pet. A memorial portrait is a great idea as it is designed by artists and has an emotional value attached to it.

To gift a pet owner

Portraits are an amazing gift item for someone who loves their pet dearly. Another from your spouse, friends, relatives, or parents would love to have a pet portrait in their room.

It is quite a thoughtful gift idea for pet owners. Dire pet lovers want their pet and their things to be around them always. Hence, you can gift a pet portrait as a sweet gesture showing consideration.

A pet portrait can work as an amazing gift idea for events like a pet’s birthday, the birthday of the pet owner, a family gathering or Christmas.

Just for fun

You can also get a funny painting of your pet done in any attire or design to keep with you forever. It is just for sheer fun and happiness. It is a once-in-a-lifetime mood where you want your furry friend to be with you on the wall.

Factors to consider when getting a pet portrait


There are different mediums to select from like charcoal, pencil, oil, watercolour, etc. You should go for a colourful painting to create the best replica of your pet.

Pet picture

When selecting a pet’s picture, you should consider the photo’s clarity. Just zoom in two times and see if the pixels are clear. If the image is not clear, the portrait will get affected.


The size of your portrait should be well thought about. Ensure you know where you want to hang it and choose the size accordingly.

These are some of the factors to consider when choosing a pet portrait. Choose a reliable and efficient platform to get it done for you. Of course, it is a memory of your pet, and you cannot let anything go wrong with it at any cost.

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