Why Saudi Arabian Businesses Should Implement Microsoft Dynamics365

Microsoft Dynamics

Saudi Arabia’s economy has been growing remarkably during the last few years. 

Due to the government’s prudent economic policies, the country’s investment climate has become favorable for businesses. 

So, numerous global businesses have set up their shops in Saudi Arabia, making the country’s business circuit a global business hub. 

A key thrust in the economy of the country is diversification. Therefore, the policymakers launched its Vision 2030 program to attract exports and investments in sporting events, tourism, infrastructure and entertainment. 

The underlying intent was to diversify its economy from relying solely on the oil & gas sector. 

With the intensity of business growth, businesses in Saudi Arabia have encountered the need to automate their operations rather than depending on traditional work methods.

Therefore, Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation has become essential for the businesses operating in the kingdom.

The software can help businesses effectively deal with the challenges of speedy task execution. And that can help businesses to scale up their productivity and efficiency.

Before a business uses Microsoft Dynamics 365, they need to avail themselves of the services of one of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners KSA.

The software helps businesses of all sizes to manage their business relationships effectively. Microsoft Dynamics365 is a powerful tool enabling businesses to transform their sales, marketing, and customer service processes.

With the impactful functionality, the software allows the employees to enrich their knowledge and become more productive and efficient. 

Microsoft Dynamics365 allows employees to gain deeper insight into performance, opportunities, and customer relationships. 

With compelling features, the software streamlines the activities of your sales and marketing teams. 

In addition, the software also helps the teams by allowing them to communicate with customers, prospects, and team members in the right ways. 

Striking Features of Microsoft Dynamics365

There are some striking features of the software, such as:

  • An intuitive user interface makes its usage easy
  • Integrations with other Microsoft products 
  • Built-in tools, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Assistant, improve productivity and efficiency
  • Flexible architecture and deployment options allow the customization to meet your business’s unique needs
  • Microsoft’s commitment to the product and partner support keep the software’s longevity and quality intact

Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics365

You can regard the software as a collection of applications to help manage business processes–from sales to accounting.

The software allows the usage of the applications individually or collectively, depending on your business’s needs. And, you can choose the best application to cater to your needs.

The CRM feature of the software bears a process-driven user interface. And a data analytics feature to help your sales team to understand the potential customers better. As such, the teams can successfully convert leads into customers. 

Sales teams can capitalize upon the opportunities in their target market to boost sales, hence revenues.

Microsoft Platform

Due to the availability of the Microsoft platform, the software entails several benefits to businesses compared with other software solutions.

The software offers exceptional CRM features to help businesses stand out from the competition.

Seamless integration is one of the notable features of the software. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can quickly integrate with Microsoft tools, including the Office 365 apps.

Tailored Workflows

The flexible software allows users to configure workflows to automate tasks, like sending emails, scheduling follow-up activities, and updating record statuses.

Again, the software has a custom workflow builder to enable you to build powerful and flexible workflows between the other applications and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The software synchronizes with Office 365, Dynamics 365, and other Microsoft products.

As the software integrates with Outlook, you can access existing customer information, sales data, cases, and opportunity information.

In addition, you can also execute CRM-related tasks, like adding new leads, new appointments, or phone calls to a customer record, apart from tracking emails to CRM records directly from Outlook.


Given the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics365, it is worthwhile for the businesses in Saudi Arabia to implement the software to take their businesses to the next level.  

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By Flavia Calina

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