Why One Should Prefer a Voltas AC

Voltas, one of the best air conditioners in the country, has come out with a range of offers to suit your pocket and a taste for a fair AC price. Pick up your new Voltas air conditioner today and save. 

Before that, you will have to realize that you will be buying the best price Air Conditioners piece of the famed reputation of the house of Tatas. The very representation of this brand within the famous ‘T’ of Tata, means that it carries with the genes and the goodwill of one of the most revered industrial houses of India and the world.

However, let us take a look at the offers. 

A few of the offers are as follows:

  • Lifetime compressor warranty: This is a very important warranty, because a compressor is the heart of a Voltas air conditioner, or any air conditioner, for that matter. The warranty is specifically on Inverter compressors. Take home a new Voltas Adjustable Inverter AC or All-Star Inverter AC with a Lifetime Warranty on the Inverter compressor. This is the added benefit of an AC priced moderately.

  • 5-year comprehensive warranty: This is a great offer because it covers almost half the natural life of an air conditioner. This is a 5-year comprehensive product warranty and covers all the functional parts of the product including gas charging and labor.

  • These make the AC price attractive.

And while on the pricing issue, you can get great help using the price filter at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. This will display the options available in your preferred price range. If, say, you have decided on a Voltas AC, and you wish to compare prices of other brands in a similar range, you simply use the brand and price filters and you have a comparative study. That apart, you can avail of Bajaj Finserv’s no down payment zero cost EMI Store to control investment.

However, you must first decide why you should buy a Voltas air conditioner.

To begin with, let us consider the difference between a regular air conditioner and an inverter air conditioner. The basic difference is in the functionality of the compressor. How are they different? The compressor of a regular AC works on a stop-start pattern in order to maintain the room temperature. The compressor of an inverter AC, on the other hand, works at variable and slower speeds to keep up effective cooling and constant temperature. The latter has the ability to cut down your power consumption. 

Among the top air conditioners in the market in this region is the Voltas air conditioner, especially the Voltas Inverter Split AC 184V SZS 1.5 Ton Split AC. Here are some special features of this AC:

  • This comes with a unique “energy-efficient” compressor that provides steady cooling. 
  • The best use of such AC’s is in rooms having a size of 100 to 160 sq. ft or a medium to large size room. 
  • This AC has copper condenser wires for durability and for efficient cooling even at 52 degrees Celsius. Let us be frank, even though temperatures in New Delhi often shoot up to 47-48 degrees Celsius, having 52 degrees as the upper circuit breaker, adds a rather high level of comfort, actually.
  • The appliance is also equipped with 4 stage filtration technologies that remove allergens, dust, pollutants andother harmful microorganisms from the air. 
  • It also comes with user-friendly modes like sleep mode, instant cooling mode, active humidifier, timer, etc.

Let us return to the pedigree question. So, what is Voltas? How old and how renowned is it?

To be specific, Voltas Limited is one of India’s largest air conditioning companies and rates pretty well among the world’s premier engineering solutions providers and project specialists as well. This company is part of the massive Tata Group, a salt to software international giant.

Voltas is deep into refrigeration technology offering engineering solutions to a wide spectrum of industries, with its expertise, ranging from heating ventilation, and air conditioning refrigeration to electro-mechanical projects electrification and water management & treatment, and more. 

In-room service, Voltas air conditioners are the market leaders in the country, enjoying over 25% (as per reports for FY19) of the market share.

The company is diversified around the world and has made a name for itself in air conditioners.

With all these benefits at hand, it is no wonder that Voltas air conditioners are a hot selling property these days. One need not worry about the cost of Voltas AC. Simply shop online on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and get your Voltas air conditioner on No Cost EMIs. You can also avail of zero down payment and a host of other unique benefits like home delivery without any additional cost. Use your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to buy Voltas air conditioner and repay over convenient tenors ranging from 3 to 24 months.

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