Why isn’t AniMixPlay taken down or sued for illegal anime streaming?

Why isn’t AniMixPlay taken down or sued for illegal anime streaming?

What is AniMixPlay?
AniMixPlay is an app that provides users with access to anime by using manga servers. Users can also purchase anime for a small fee and stream it instantly. They have been operating since 2015 with no major law enforcement actions taken against them yet; the app has, however, faced recent criticism from different sources and they are looking closely at their business model.

For those unaware of what AniMixPlay is or how it operates, this article should provide much needed insight into the topic of illegal anime streaming services like this one as well as how they operate in general.

AniMixPlay has been previously linked to anime streaming, anime translations, and the Yurito Group. The Yurito Group is a website that provides their own versions of various anime through their various sites and social media pages. They provide many different types of anime but are mainly known for providing manga translations. The group operates a business model built on promoting (among other things) their own services to people in Japan who wish to read manga in their native language. Some of these people went on to produce AniMixPlay with the help of the Yurito Group.

As for the Yurito Group, they host sites and social media pages that promote manga translations and their own streaming services. They have been in business since at least 2011. AniMixPlay is the first of their sites to gain significant media attention, however. As mentioned before, they provide manga translations through various sites and social media pages so it is difficult to ascertain how many people actually use these services. The Yurito Group also hosts a website known as AniMixPlay where users can watch anime by using manga servers instead of direct streaming services. This service has been around since at least April 2015 when a user of the subreddit /r/anime posted a link to it on reddit. The website gained significant attention after they began posting links to it on 4chan in 2017. Their twitter has been around since December 2015, but did not gain a large audience until April 2017 when they began posting about their web app and posted more frequently.

Their reddit thread from 2015 had around 100 comments, but does not have many upvotes or downvotes indicating that very few people actually used the service. The 4chan posts from 2017 had over 8000 upvotes and likes on this page alone; this is just one of many social media pages that the group uses. AniMixPlay also has a professional website but it is currently under construction at the time of writing.

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