Why invest in the 1947 housing society


A new magnificent housing scheme, the 1947 Housing Society is a formation of our cultural history with modern amenities. Investing in 1947 Housing Society gives you a unique combination of contemporary comforts and the history and culture of the Subcontinent. This society has introduced a novel hybrid strategy that values cultural and traditional traditions while offering cutting-edge residential and commercial amenities and infrastructure. The housing society has upscale living quarters available. Additionally, the developers are building this housing development to give inhabitants prime consideration at reasonable costs.

Additionally, a more convenient alternative of an instalment is available to assist them further. According to the geographic map, the housing project is highly reachable from the famous monuments, including Islamabad International Airport. Furthermore, there are numerous plots in the master plan, comprising mansions, flats, commercial, and residential buildings. Lastly, other pertinent information is present here.

Benefits of investing in the 1947 housing society

Investing in real estate is always beneficial, but choosing the right type of property in which you can make the maximum profit is essential. For that purpose, proper research is vital. For your ease, here are some of the many facilities listed, how investing in the society is more beneficial than other societies.

Owners of the magnificent residential endeavour

1947 housing society in Islamabad is the proud creation of Sigal Group. The society owners have unmatched their ability to give the highest quality infrastructure and have completed numerous exhilarating and dependable real estate projects. Under the direction of knowledgeable planners and developers, Sigal Developers is shaping themself as a reference for other contemporary societies. For its patrons who put their trust in the 1947 Housing Society, Sigal Group has teamed up with five other illustrious organisations to deliver excellent services. The honour of being this project’s official selling partner belongs to Regal Marketing, which is in a league of its own.

Housing endeavour location

The housing project is conveniently accessible from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, making the societal location ideal and the cherry on top; it is next to the M2 Motorway. This fantastic project is just 10 minutes by car from Islamabad International Airport, strategically along the CPEC’s eastern route, and reachable via the Chakri Interchange on the M-2. The rate of development in that area shows that the GOP-governed commercial, manufacturing, and educational cities are laying the groundwork for significant foreign and domestic investments.

The society legitimacy

The society is legitimate as RDA approved its NOC. Additionally, the possibility of completing the project on time and with the international standard is much higher due to the project’s legitimacy.

Master plan

The colossal project’s master plan covers 8000 Kanal of land and introduces the mohalla culture. In this culture, there are four Mohallas. The map of all four mohallas—Mohalla Liaquat Ali Khan, Mohalla Fatima Jinnah (Madar-e-Millet), Mohalla Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk, and Mohalla Captain—was presented by the developers. Shaheed Raja Muhammad Sarwar. This system in the residential complex is a distinctive characteristic that gives the occupants a sense of belonging to one big family. This perfect master plan was collaboratively produced by competent and well-known designers, offering you the ideal opportunity to invest in the capital and allowing you to relive antiquity and history.

Affordable prices

In the real estate field, where realism executes international experience excellence, this housing project’s ultimate purpose is to create high-quality urban lifestyles and stronger communities. Essential components of property investment are payment plans. Everyone in this society has access to investing options without going over their monthly budget. The pricing is suitable for every socio-economic group.

Monetary stability

Before finalising any investment, you must ensure your finances match your buying strategy. Due to the ideal location of the housing complex and quality infrastructure, investing in the project is beneficial.

Sustainable environment

Mohallas, with a traditional design that are in harmony with abundant living spaces, are an example of hybrid culture. This project intends to create an eco-friendly atmosphere that serves as a tranquil setting for patrons and residents to rest and relax, as well as by putting in solar trees and solar parks.

Water facilities

The enormous amounts of water will be stored in reservoirs that the residents can use for daily tasks. In addition, to guarantee pure drinking water, filtration facilities are also available.

Health Care facilities

Health Care facilities: The developers will build cutting-edge worldwide hospitals and clinics. The emergency room will be open round-the-clock, and personnel and physicians will be on call.

International standard construction

The construction of the society streets, central boulevards and other infrastructure were according to international quality standards. Moreover, to make them more beautiful, the builders constructed them large and open to ensure the proper traffic flow.

Economic centre

The developers have met the residents’ financial and trade market needs. Because of this, society will offer a comprehensive business space. As a result, the inhabitants can fulfil all of the society’s commercial needs in the community.

Secured community

A housing society needs people to feel safe. Having a gated community makes it safe. People are given complete security by a system with 24/7 CCTV surveillance equipment working correctly. To ensure a high level of protection, a perimeter wall with a flawless mechanism would also encircle the society.

Educational zone

The housing development will have educational resources available to assist residents in achieving their academic goals. In addition, both high school and college will have affordable costs. Since all these facilities are present within a gated community, booking a plot is the wisest line of action.

Praying place

The mosque is more than a structure; it is essential to daily Muslim community members’ lives. Therefore, the mosques significantly impact Muslims’ lives, which is why the Jamia mosque is in society. They encourage the locals to practise their religion and attend the mosque five times daily.


The top residential development in the twin cities is the 1947 Housing Society. The builder has many facilities that ensure top-notch living standards for future investors and residents. The payment program for this home progress also contains an element of sustainability and a simple instalment plan. To know more about 1947 housing society please click on this link: https://northproperties.com.pk/1947-housing-society/.

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