Why Get To Know Your Customers and Treat Them As Family?

Businesses thrive due to your wonderful customers. To find and retain those valuable customers need to be your top priority. The best practice is to treat customers like family. Always be honest, transparent, and direct with customers while communicating just like you would be with family members. This kind of communication builds loyalty as well as exhibits your appreciation towards your customers.

Shawn Finnegan via Utah shares his ideologies about business success. You can read about it in detail on Scalar USC Edu Blog. He believes that customer service in the US is slowly declining. When you make customers feel comfy like family and thus build trust. It makes customers approach him for advice because they know he respects them. According to Shawn, respecting others is the mantra in overcoming multiple business challenges and move forward.

Reasons to treat customers like a family

Customers know you care and value them

It is crucial to display your care towards customers. They approached you for buying your products or services. Now, you need to keep them engaged by gathering their feedback, interacting, and thanking them. When customers feel appreciated and valued they feel good. You also gain an insight into what customers feel and think.

Earn customer trust

Honesty builds trust and in a family, these are signs of a healthy relationship. When you deal with customers dishonestly it misleads them as well as indicates that you are exploiting them to earn profits. If you fulfill your promises they will trust your brand, buy repeatedly from you, and even share their optimistic experience with others.

You retain more customers

Customer retention is important because acquiring new customer cost is higher than retaining your existing customers. The more loyal a customer becomes the possibility that they will try to upgrade or try new products or become brand ambassadors increases. The valued customer always believes your product to be exclusive then competitors. They even feel that your products or services line up with their preferences and needs.

Free word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth is a cost-effective advertising technique, especially coming from loyal customers that believe in your products. Repeat customers share positive experiences with family, friends, colleagues, etc. They become the brand ambassador of your business. The work-of-mouth strategy works because people trust the opinions of family and friends.

Treating customers like family through exclusive customer support is an art. Simple practices can help you reveal your care and appreciation towards your customers.

Tips to make customers feel valued

  • Remember their name or personalize your conversation to build a good relationship.
  • Emphasize customer service via patience, consistency, and adaptability. Family members are different from one another. You never stop loving them. Maintain the same patience level with customers and adjust accordingly. Consistently provide a great customer experience with every conversation and in every situation.
  • Family members show their love and appreciation on a variety of occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, new year, Christmas, etc. Just share ‘Thank You’, the two magical words with customers in an authentic tone. Offer discounts on special days like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Such small things allow strengthening a relationship.


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