Why choose probate consultants over probate lawyers?

 When you have to obtain a grant of probate or any required letters of administration, collecting the most relevant, updated information from a trustable source is crucial. At such times that can be emotional and stressful, finding  an efficient, trustworthy, affordable, and straightforward service can prove to be of immense help. The biggest question is whom to prefer: probate consultants or lawyers for assistance?


Given below are the reasons why it is beneficial to choose probate consultants over probate lawyers:


1.   Efficient expertise:


When you decide to work with a certified probate consultant, they will guarantee the fastest possible approval times for your applications. Their streamlined process and proficiency will ensure that you don’t have to worry about getting the approvals and stress about delays. The professional focuses on applying the application for letters of administration and probate straightforwardly. In a way, the probate consultants can cut right through the procedures, red tape, and policies that come with running a legal practice.


They can also provide valuable advice in a complex application that requires expert legal understanding. The probate lawyers deal with property law, wills, litigation, and estate planning for contested probate matters. They can get the fastest approval of legal applications, making the process seamless, easy, and efficient. They will guide you through each step from the basics, such as what is probate?


2.   Affordability:


Once you have appointed a probate consultant over a probate lawyer, you will have to pay one fixed fee. Regardless of how complicated the application gets, you will not be asked to pay more than what is decided. Probate lawyers often charge extra fees if the court requisitions the application. It means that the court has questions about the applications and needs answers, often through affidavit evidence. Compiling this evidence will take extra work and significant time which the professionals will take care ofs. The probate consultant will assist you in getting probate in NSW.


3.   Simplicity:


The probate consultants break down the process and simplify it for you to follow. They consult you throughout the application process instead of acting on your behalf and giving you the legal advice as done by the probate lawyers.


The probate lawyers need to comply with strict legal requirements and heavy regulations by providing legal advice and acting on your behalf.. It creates many red tapes that can potentially slow down the application process, makes it more hectic, and limits a seamless client experience. The consultants have completely revolutionized the way families apply for a letter of administration and probate. The goal is to offer a quick and easy service that can help their clients efficiently. The probate consultants work through a well-managed process involving the given steps:


  • A dedicated consultant will communicate with the clients over a call or video call.
  • Complete one simple web form.
  • The expert consultant will complete the application.
  • Your probate consultant will apply to the supreme court.


The consultants constantly improve and refine the process to ensure a positive and efficient client experience. With the guarantee of the best client services in the industry, there is no uncertainty about when your letters of administration and grant of probate will be issued.


4.   Dedicated consultants:


Once you choose probate consultants, you will be assigned an experienced consultant to assist you from start to finish. Your consultant will handle the application from the initial consultation to the time of the application being granted. They also provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the process. This dedicated consultant will be your only point of contact throughout your application process. You do not have to call reception to contact your consultant, it will be a one-to-one communication.


While dealing with probate lawyers, you  have multiple points of contact:


  • The senior or principal lawyer will oversee your matter.
  • Then the junior lawyer will be in charge of completing your application and preparing all the necessary documents.
  • The receptionists will attend to your calls and answer any inquiries.


You will not have direct phone contact with the professional you initially spoke to and the wait times for the calls are quite high with responses on emails. You can also be charged extra for the emails.


5.   Transparency:


While looking for an efficient probate consultant in the area, check the authenticity of the law firm or the company. Many organizations tend to offer free consultations and quotes but do not provide the services, and they will not be completing your application. They pass your information to a third party who operates as a separate business entity and get paid for the referral. On the other hand, various companies only offer letters of administration and probate services through a partnership with their main business in a completely different industry. Some of the sites are not even real and they work to distract the clients into thinking that there are more options in the market.


Applying for probate and letters of administration are important and deeply personal; hence transparency is the key. The probate consultants will know the situations you are dealing with and accelerate the process to get the grant. They complete your applications and the expert team will handle the legal work. No partnerships with third parties, referrals, or affiliations are needed, and you only deal with just the assigned consultant.


Why do probate consultants deliver quick turnaround times as compared to probate lawyers?


  • The quick results are an outcome of the innovative process, efficiency, and ease provided by the probate consultants. They tailor their process to suit your unique needs.


  • Same-day Advertisement: Your application will be set for the advertisement on the  same day you receive all required information and documentation. It will instantly start the 14-day advertisement period, allowing them to apply at the earliest opportunity.


  •  Industry-leading turnaround: The industry-leading 24 hours turnaround time means that the application documents are ready the next day. But with probate lawyers, this turnaround time is between 7 days to 8 weeks.



A probate consultant can assist you with quick results and less turnaround time. They are more reliable in the whole process, making it easier for you to get an update and their guidance on any matter. The above points can help you decide whom to prefer, probate consultants or lawyers for assistance.


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