Why Choose Magento 2 For Your Ecommerce Business?


The best eCommerce platform, Magento, has been built using open-source technology. This platform is well renowned for establishing authority over the look, functionality & content. No eCommerce platform could provide as many features as Magento does. Magento is best known for delivering the functional tools for carrying out Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & other catalog-management tools.

What If My Business Requires An Ecommerce Website That Can Cater To Millions Of People? 

Do not underestimate the features of Magento. Whether you want it for a small-scale business or a large-scale business, Magento is still best for you. The developers will decide whether your business needs a FREE Open Source or a Feature-Rich Magento Commerce based on your choices and preferences.

Why Do Many Businesses Rely On Magento? 

With the help of Magento, businesses find it convenient to be consistent with growth. Magento is one of those platforms which provides so many facilities to its customers to tailor their needs. For example, you can choose from various plugins and themes to find the one which is best for you.

Is Magento For Me? 

If you are an owner of an eCommerce business, then Magento is undoubtedly for you. The main motive of the creators of Magento development is to present a platform that is quintessentially easy for ordinary people to understand. It means that there is no need to have technical & developmental experience.

Do I Need To Hire Outside Help To Help Me With Magento? 

Usually, there is a need to hire outside help. You can’t handle it until you have the required knowledge.

When Do I Need Magento? 

It would be best to have Magento when you want to include multiple function systems in your website.

Which Is The Latest Update Of Magento? 

The latest update of Magento is ‘Magento Commerce Cloud v2. 3.1, 2.3’.

Which Version Of Magento Is Best?

Anyone can undoubtedly claim that Magento 2 is the best eCommerce platform. It is known as the Best Version because of the features that it provides:

  • Flexibility in web architecture
  • Enhancing customer experiences
  • Profitable business experience
  • Loading Speed needs to be 50% faster
  • Secure Payment
  • Easy Upgrades & Maintenance

What Are The Magento Extensions? 

By Magento extensions, we mean the pieces of software that can collectively help to establish one-of-a-kind eCommerce stores. These Magento extensions help increase the loading speed & improve the customer experience.

The predominant motive behind including these extensions is to give users even more facilities & options to enrich their purchasing experience.

You will have the extensions for all the following:

  • Customer Services like Chatting Bots
  • Diverse Payment Options
  • Security Features
  • Marketing
  • Accounts & Finances
  • Shipping
  • Site optimization

If you want to personalize something, you can get it done quickly. You need to inform the Magento developers about your requirements.

How Can I Distinguish Between Magento 1 & 2? 

Here I will mention some of the features that you will find in Magento 2. But they have never been a part of Magento 1:

  • Composer

It allows you to use third-party libraries without making much use of the source. In this way, you can reduce conflicts as well.


In addition to being a reverse proxy and HTTP cache, it also acts as a load balancer.

  • Redis 

It makes use of the database cache & broker for messages.

  • Symfony 

It helps you establish control over the content, improves functionality & makes the appearance of the website as best.

  • Varnish 

Varnish help to increase your website speed.

  • Website Performance

With Magento 1, it was pretty challenging to enhance the website’s performance. It was the main reason the web developers made it their top priority to get this thing included in Magento 2.

  • Best Repair 

With Magento 2, it is quintessentially easy to repair a program. An upgrade or patch has never brought out such efficiency.

  • Faster Load Times 

With Magento 2, the load time of Magento keeps on getting enhanced. Apart from that, the server response times are also reduced.

  • More extensions

Magento 2 offers a broader sphere for you to choose the extensions. Not only this, but it will also help you improve your web performance.

  • Customization 

With Magento 2, the developers got to try many customization-oriented options. Thus Magento 2 helps you to personalize the look of your website.

  • Mobile Optimization 

One of the complaints always encountered with Magento 1 was the failed mobile optimization. So Magento 2 focused more on bringing this aspect into the new version.

  • Creation of Mobile Apps 

Now is the era of mobile apps. People are more likely to download the apps than to visit a website repeatedly. Luckily Magento 2 also supports Progressive web apps. The websites which have apps associated with them are known to gain more profits.

  • Use Admin Panels of Magento 

Magento 2 includes everything that Magento 1 was not good at. People used to find the Admin Panel of Magento 1 extremely difficult. But Magento 2 fixed this. In the updated version, the users find it highly convenient to navigate. But the users cannot use it unless they have the required knowledge.

  • Allows You The View The Stats 

Magento 2 allows you to have a detailed view of the stats like:

  • New orders
  • Last orders
  • Average orders
  • Income tax
  • Bestsellers
  • Lifetime retail sales
  • Check-Out is easy 

Magento 1 had an extensive approach for checkout. But luckily, there is no such thing with Magento 2. In the first version of Magento, the customers need to face the six steps:

  • Checkout method
  • Billing information
  • Shipping information
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment information
  • Reviewing the order

Did you know?

It was observed that many of the customers used to abandon their sales since they found the checkout method extremely difficult.

But with Magento 2, this process got simplified and integrated into two steps: 

  • Shipping
  • Review payment

Final Comments!

If you are using an outdated version of Magento then it’s high time that you must think about Magento 2 Migration for your eCommerce store, then I think you have made the right decision. It is the only way with which you can grow your business. All the versions of Magento are good. But Magento 2 is unbeatable.

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