Why Choose A Graphic Design Course In 2022?

Graphic Design Course

Graphic designers are visual communicator who utilizes photographs, typography, colours, illustrations, and graphic elements to design messages so as to communicate ideas that motivates, informs and captivates consumer and stays in their memories over time.

The layouts created by Graphic designers may include company logos, websites, packaging designs, book covers, games and product user manuals etc.


Skills required are:

  • Creativity and innovation with sketching abilities using computers
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding the target audience-their demographics as well as psychographics
  • Proficiency in varied software- computer-aided design (CAD), Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel draw etc.
  • Organized with multi-tasking capability so as to adhere to deadlines and manage multiple projects.


Career Options:

Completion of graphic designing course opens up huge opportunities for students. We are listing as under few of the job options:

Advertising Art Director: He will form a creative team with copywriter to visualize innovative creative concepts for advertising campaigns to be released across platforms like cinema, television, digital medium, radio and press etc.

Graphic Designer: He will be working as per the brief from client, creative director or account manager to develop creative ideas and concepts for websites, online games, advertising, posters, product packaging, corporate identity, corporate communications, exhibitions and displays etc.

Packaging Designer: He is responsible for designing innovative packaging that not only is beautiful and communicates brand identity but also protects the product during shipping and communicate. The packaging also details out the product, its features and specifics.

Web Designers: He is involved in designing web pages and websites. They design its various aspects from navigation menus, drop-down options and the various animations etc. in-line with the brands language and company vision. They also need to ensure that the customers have a delightful experience in website navigation.

Multimedia Designers: They are responsible for creating animations using sketches, scale models, graphics etc besides developing graphics for background scenes, characters and props. They can work in varied fields including tv, films, video games, set designs as well as VFX.

Concept Artist: They assist in kick-starting the project by visualizing, ideating and sketching of characters, creatures, environment or worlds that do not exist. He will work on any project that entails any visual story.  The concepts hence proposed are used as reference point throughout the project.


Graphics Design Course

In order to do graphic design course, the students must identify a college that offers:

  • Media & entertainment industry hire in bulk the students completing their graphic design course. Therefore, Media and Entertainment Skills Council, a not for profit organization promoted by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) with financial support from National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) must recognize the college as the only authorized world skills training centre for graphics.
  • Curriculum must equip students with comprehensive perspective graphic designing in various industries- gaming, advertising, Web/mobile app designing, pre & post production etc. so as to facilitate students to work in multiple sectors
  • College must offer competencies in use of varied software applications.
  • College must ensure proper exposure to students through practical experience in live projects, internships, participation in competitions and regular interaction with industry experts. This will
  • College must offer additional courses to enhance competencies and growth in the discipline.
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