Why Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring? Is It Important for Men to Get Involved

Psychological and visual factors dictate the choice of diamond in engagement rings. When it’s time to buy diamond engagement rings, most of us only think about the specifications and features, but we seldom dissect the reason behind our choice. In this article, we will discuss why you should buy a diamond ring and if you should involve a man while doing so. 

Sense of Achievement

Historically, the social and economic statuses were hereditary, which can be earned in today’s globalized economy. Luxury goods, which were exclusive to higher social classes, are now available to the masses. This includes diamond engagement rings in Brisbane too. Although the shift decreased the value of the products to some extent, diamond engagement rings still resonate with a sense of achievement. The dilution of luxury brands doesn’t fully narrate the story of diamond engagement rings. Though luxury “brands” associate themselves with historical events, diamond engagement rings are the “products” that are a part of history. The sense of achievement related to diamond engagement rings is about acquiring a timeless classic that has been aligned with the kings, queens, and social hierarchy. The monetary factor can’t also be disregarded. Diamond engagement rings are typically more expensive than jewelry fitted with other gems. And as diamond rings are mostly made out of platinum or gold, the price only gets expensive even by today’s standards. The expensive status attributed to diamond engagement rings also contributes to a sense of achievement.

Making Your Partner Feel Worthy

Goals and motivations play a major role when buying a diamond engagement ring. One of which is making your partner feel worthy of the monetary and emotional value of a diamond. Did you know that women are more inclined toward products such as diamond rings that improve their social hierarchy during the time of their menstrual cycle? As partners, your chance of a happy married life may increase with a diamond engagement ring. From the perspective of a woman, their partner being able to provide them with such a loving and expensive gift makes them feel worthy. When you give your lady a diamond engagement ring worth three months of your salary, they feel valued in the relationship. However, there’s a catch. Going too much overboard with diamond rings may make your partner feel less confident in their skin. Imposter syndrome comes into play when an individual thinks that they aren’t made for something. When buying an engagement ring for your partner, consider their lifestyle to get the appropriate diamond ring.

Diamonds Engagement Rings Are Great for Showing Off

We, despite being social creatures, are very competitive. Diamond jewelry, especially rings, wasn’t affordable to the general masses until the dissolution of social hierarchy and economic status correlation laws in the 18th century. Before that, more exclusive elements and fabrics were preserved for certain social classes due to the scarcity of materials. In today’s connected world, with the increased availability of materials, a diamond engagement ring radiates financial status more than any other luxury item like bags and watches. Diamond engagement rings neither require an introduction nor careful observation. Although the items may be distinguished by their brand, an excellent cut diamond with a white gold halo ring is recognizable from miles. When you buy an expensive gift for your loved one, showing off may not come to your mind at the first glance. It comes as an add-on. Your fiance wearing it, talking about you when asked, and praising your economic status with her friends, gives you self-esteem and confidence at a level that can only be achieved through a diamond engagement ring.

Diamond Rings Are Stunning

Source: Pexels Apart from the psychological factors, it’s not very hard to imagine why diamond engagement rings may interest you. They are stunning. Diamond engagement rings don’t hold much value beyond social and emotional status. But their clarity, quality, and elegance have curated a place in the hearts of wedding couples. A solitaire diamond ring consists of one single diamond that’s secured to the ring with prongs. The beauty of solitaire rings is in their simplicity. Despite not being complex, a solitaire ring resonates with its wearer on a level that’s too personal. A pave diamond engagement ring is quite different from a solitaire ring. They house many micro diamonds that surround the centerpiece and some portions of the band. The diamonds surrounding the main piece give an exquisite look to the ring and make the centerpiece appear larger. Halo rings are miniature versions of the pave rings. While the pave rings house diamonds that come down to the band, the halo rings consist of micro diamonds that only surround the centerpiece. Despite being not as expensive as the pave rings, halo rings give out a vibe that’s not only breathtaking but timeless.

The Diamond Engagement Ring Promise

The phrase associated with diamonds being timeless is not a myth. Diamonds are one of the most durable materials out in nature. Once you’ve invested in a diamond ring, its value only grows as an emotional or monetary investment. The diamonds, promising to be durable, fall in parallel with the fundamentals of marriage and love. The marketers of De Beers made sure that the emotional aspects of diamonds are acclaimed and celebrated. The diamond engagement rings are more promising to the forever love than any other diamond jewelry. It represents that an individual or a couple is engaged and has each other’s back. It also is a symbol of commitment.

Is It Important for Men to Get Involved?

Women trump men when it comes to buying jewelry. Only 44% of men buy jewelry in respect to 56% of women. But, when it comes to buying diamond engagement rings, men are on the frontline. As women are more risk-averse, men spend more when choosing diamond jewelry. Men are also much more inclined to spend their time studying the features and specifications of engagement rings than women. Thus, involving your man in your engagement ring shopping may prove to be beneficial.

The Bottom Line

Sense of achievement, giving value, and showcasing your status are the primary reasons behind your preference of choosing a diamond engagement ring over any other. The stunning visual implications are also contributing factors to the cause. Although expensive, a surprise diamond engagement ring can spark up your already glittering relationship even more. Good luck with your purchase.

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