Why are house prices rising so fast In UK 2022?

UK house prices continue to rise at their fastest rate in more than a decade, but with the country still recovering from an epidemic and many people feeling uncertain about moving home it may not be all good news for buyers.


House prices in the UK have generally been going up since the financial crisis. The latest official figures, for March, show that trend speeding up. Property values were 10% higher than a year earlier – their fastest annual rate of growth Rate Of Price Increase Was Faster Than Any Other Since 2006.


The map from property portal Zoopla shows how different areas are faring: unlike recent booms where people saw extreme increases or decreases based on location (think London), right now there seems to be more uniformity across most parts which means those who live somewhere less fortunate may actually benefit if they buy soon enough.


The National Sheep Association has reported that the steepest increases in property prices have been clustered around central areas of Wales and England. One notable boom region is Cornwall, which according to Rightmove overtook London as the most popular search destination for buyers last year. Many people are engaged with a race against time – they’re trying their best not just because it’s necessary but also desirable considering how much space there seems available now compared with five years ago or more.


The demand for family homes is on the rise, with people reassessing their priorities during Covid lockdowns. This trend has made some city-center flats less attractive to buyers and prices of apartments rising at a slower rate than houses command in many cases but there are still signs that potential homeowners may be taking advantage while they can before these restrictions become permanent fixtures or even worse – reemerge after another pandemic like SARS ( shocksucks ).


It looks like the stamp duty holiday will continue into summer. This is great news for people who want to buy but it might not be so beneficial in an already strained market where there isn’t enough supply of homes on offer and demand outpaced creation last year by 12%.


Buyers waiting outside an estate agent’s office overnight and offering contracts on properties they haven’t even seen is a result of high demand paired with little supply. 


This leads to buyers maxing out their credit cards in order to buy homes, which has been especially true during this years’ market downturn but also occurred during periods where prices were skyrocketing as well.


In addition there has been more borrowing than usual because people want instant gratification when purchasing property instead of saving up for something big like.

Mortgage borrowing rates have been on an upward trend for some time now, but it’s clear  that the cost of living is picking up speed and may force the Bank Of England into action. 


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