Who is MBA Chaiwala?


Prafull is neither a foodie nor a cook, yet he has developed a multi-million dollar business selling chai (tea) across India. Doesn’t it sound strange? But it’s not odd at all for Prafull. Prafull, born in Dhar, a tiny town in Madhya Pradesh, had lost interest in his MBA program at Ahmedabad University, which he had been attending since 2017. Let us see his entire journey.

There is always a way where there is a will

The 25-year-old is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who has launched MBA Chai walla, a Rs 4 crore turnover firm with 50 stores across India. Prafull explains why he drinks chai and how he overcame difficulties from his classmates and his family. He spent his savings in 2016 when he was 21 to travel by rail, bus, and rickshaw – wherever and however the money allowed.

He believes that meeting and conversing with new individuals has gained numerous insights. On the other hand, his parents were continuously pressuring him to enroll in a full-time college so that he could finish his further studies and earn a living. As a result, he decided to take advantage of his layover in Ahmedabad by enrolling in college for his parent’s sake. Recognizing that not everyone is fortunate to land a high-paying profession, Prafull chose to discontinue his studies and open a chai thela on Ahmedabad’s SG Highway.

Prafull, on the other hand, didn’t consider beginning MBA Chaiwala, which stands for Mr. Billore Ahmedabad (MBA), as a terrible thing. His parents were upset, and relatives insulted him daily, but Prafull was wise enough to ignore everyone and focus on growing his business. Seeing an English-speaking man selling tea, many people were drawn to his cart, which had begun to gain popularity.

Providing the masses

MBA Chaiwala began to grow due to one event leading to another. Prafull moved into a franchisee café in Bhopal after operating from the SG Highway location for two years. MBA Chaiwala started with a cart and now has 50 eateries. Prafull stated that a chai company in India will always prosper, citing the success of luxury tea shops such as Chaayos and Chai Point that have been around for a long time.

MBA Chaiwala’s mission, on the other hand, is to serve the masses who want to sit comfortably in a café and enjoy a cup of tea for Rs 40-50. According to professional industry research, healthy production and consumption are driving the tea market in India. The tea industry in India is estimated to reach 1.40 million tonnes by 2026.

Every tiny town has a millionaire

Prafull has launched an MBA Chaiwala academy in addition to his tea company. His fantastic journey and social media friendliness earned him many followers, which he claims aided in brand recognition. Prafull, a social media business consultant, talks about entrepreneurship and how the sky’s the limit for anyone who wants to pursue their ambitions.

When asked about his parents’ reaction, Prafull smiles and says that Indian parents are difficult to persuade; unless you show them results, they will not trust you; similarly, he had to prove himself, and things have improved in terms of their concern for his future. Visit here to what is the concept of Chai Sutta Bar.

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