Who Can Benefit From AA Meeting and Who Cannot?

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Want to quit drinking? Then you must let go – of your old ideas, your limiting beliefs, your weakness, your ego, and your past. Along with this, you must embrace a few traits, such as humility, honesty, empathy, the attitude of forgiveness, an open mind, a desire to learn and un-learn, and the willingness to discover your inner self. 


AA meeting in Idaho is not simply a gathering of alcoholics. This isn’t merely a platform to share your woes. AA is a life-changing experience. Only those who are ready for powerful energy shifts can continue here. 


You don’t just recover from alcohol addiction; you get a new perspective on life and on yourselves. 


A little more about AA 

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship started by two alcoholics who came together and discovered their power to overcome alcoholism. They then decided to help other alcoholics discover their powers too. And this is how AA came into being and still is, for more than 80 years! 


Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are free of cost. The members support themselves through their own contributions. AA is not linked to any organization. It neither endorses nor opposes any cause. It is simply a gathering of people who wish to turn the tables in their life – from being an alcoholic to becoming sober. 


The chief aim of a meeting is to help an alcoholic become sober. 


Who cannot benefit from AA? 

People who still do not accept they are alcoholics may find little benefit in attending a meeting near them. 


One of the prerequisites of attending AA meetings is the desire to quit alcohol. You get this desire only when you accept you are an alcoholic. 


You cannot quit is another matter. But first, you must want to quit. This desire is enough to make you attend a meeting near you and benefit from it. 


A person enveloped in his or her ego and not wanting to accept their powerlessness over alcohol is not eligible to attend the meeting. This is because they won’t find any benefit here. 


The recovery program of a typical meeting starts with accepting your powerlessness over alcohol. You also accept that your alcohol use disorder is ruining your relationships and overall life. 


If you believe everything is fine, then you really need no meeting. 


How to make a person attend the meeting?

Well, to tell you the truth, you cannot force people to attend an AA meeting. The meetings are all about transformational energies. They change lives. 


Somebody who does not want to change, won’t. 


Yet, you can still bring such a person to an open meeting. Let him/her see what all goes on in a meeting. Maybe, the positive vibes of the place and the 

sharing of stories by alcoholics ignites a desire to change. 


When it comes to transforming your life there isn’t an easier way. You ought to come out of your comfort zone, in this case, it is the “comfort” of alcohol. You need to be your own taskmaster. Tools like Sobriety Calculator can aid you in your transformational journey. 


Master your own life and don’t let mere things like alcohol dictate you. 


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