Which Brand of Semi-Automatic Washing Machine is the best?

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Although there are multiple models of washing machines in the market. Choosing the best brand is very important. LG and Videocon washing machines are the most reliable and best-selling brands throughout India. A semi-automatic washing machine is one of the well-working models you can invest in.

The greatest advantage of owning a washing machine is that it reduces the workload. It also facilitates quick washing scheduling in an easy manner. This article comprises all the details of the best brands of semi-automatic washing machines in recent times.

Which brand of the semi-automatic washing machine is the best?

Considering all the available brands in India that produce first quality semi-automatic washing machines. It is clear that the LG and Videocon washing machines are truly a class apart from the rest. They have exclusive world-class features. Features like an anti-rust drum, heater option, instant wash, extensive six cycles, active filter, quick spin etc. These features ensure better performance and an easy washing routine.

Both the LG and Videocon washing machines are available in multiple models.  These are very affordable for even a working-class household.

The design and build of these semi-automatic washing machines are so lightweight and portable. It doesn’t require much effort moving and relocating. Best reliability and long-lasting factor are strongly present in these brands of washing machines.

Some of the best semi-automatic washing machines

Videocon VS75Z13 7.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

This wonderful semi-automatic washing machine from Videocon is one of the best models in the market. It is spot-on in terms of functioning, reliability, and affordability factor. It has a motor speed of 850rpm and comes with the pulsator mode for washing. There are three wash programs present in this washing machine. The top-loading feature allows you to add left-out clothes into the washing cycle in easy manner. This Videocon washing machine is ideal for a family of four members.

LG 8 P9039R3SM kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Grey

Capacity of this semi-automatic washing machine is around 8Kg. It can accommodate a huge amount of clothes per single wash. It is the best pick for medium size families. An extensive soak function along with the three modes of wash programs are present in this machine. The speed of the motor is around 1000rpm. The quick-dry technology is so amazing that it dries the clothes within minutes. The air circulation is excellent between the drums, so the noise generated is considerably lower.

WM VT70C40-CBL 7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Another best-selling Videocon washing machine in the market is the WM VT70C40-CBL. All basic wash programs like Normal, Blanket, Speedy, Soak, Wash,  Spin present in this semi-automatic washing machine are spot-on. It is effective in removing even the tough stains in an easy manner.

The inner drum made of stainless steel prevents it from rust and corrosion. Other features like memory backup and digital display are also available with this washing machine. This model is ideal for small to medium families.

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