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As a comic book fan, you know the struggle of picking up a monthly title only to find that each issue ends abruptly with no resolution, or worse—for an exorbitant price. These days, the internet is chock full of free websites and apps for those looking for quality comics. The following is a list of my personal favourite websites where you can read your favourite titles for free!

Free Comics: A true comic’s lover knows that there are many sites and apps available to view the latest releases without having to break the bank. This list contains some great sites where you can read your favourite titles without spending a dime.


I’ve used this site’s mobile app a couple of times and it even allows you to stream movies and television shows. Graphite Comics has a wide range of comics such as Daredevil, Ms Marvel, Captain America, and even Batman. The only thing I didn’t like was that they had comics that are no longer available.


Great Comics is another great way to read your favourite comics. With an extensive library consisting of titles such as Wolverine, Injustice: Gods among Us, Invincible, A plus X and more! This site has a ton of content including fan-favourites from Marvel, DC and more!! Great Comics is updated regularly with the latest releases. There is a lot of interest in it, so myreadingmanga is for people who enjoy watching it.


The library on Hoopla is filled with mainstream titles that you and your family are certain to love. Titles such as Justice League, Batman, Superman, and the X-Men! Some of their comics even contain a few pages for kids-only reading. To make it really easy to read, Hoopla has a digital reader that allows you to enlarge images or even shrink them if you’re having trouble reading.


This site doesn’t have as many titles as the rest but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in class. HIDDEN GEM is dedicated to creating new and original content. This site has only been around for about a year but has quickly risen to prominence. HIDDEN GEM’s focus on original content helps create a loyal fan base that will continue supporting this site for years to come.


Showcase is another great comic book app and website available for mobile devices. This app allows you to read your favourite titles such as Batman, Superman and even titles not available through Graphite Comics or Great Comics. Showcase also contains many television shows and movies.


DC Comics has been around for nearly 100 years, and it’s gone through a lot of changes. From its roots as the comic book arm of a major publishing company to the eventual creation of the DC Universe, we present to you our list of where you can read all these comics online free.


Marvel is one of the most popular comic book brands out there today, and with good reason! More than 75 years ago, Marvel Comics was founded as Timely Comics before eventually becoming Atlas Comics in 1951. Since then they have grown into their own universe with plenty more interesting stories! Here are all the sites where you can read Marvel comics for free online.


Barnes & Noble’s reader, the Nook, has a ton of great comics available for free right now. Since they recently announced that they would be closing their digital store and focusing on selling eBooks of physical books, it’s an exciting time to pick up some new reading material for your Nook! Here are the best sites for finding free DC and Marvel comics on Barnes and Noble’s Nook store. There is a new phenomenon taking over the internet called xyz webtoon.


Toon Gallery specializes in animated comic strips from the early 20th century though modern day. They have a fairly large library of vintage comics that can be viewed online or downloaded in Zip or PDF format.


Libby app is great place to create an account and upload files to your library. It’s 100% free, but Libby will give you a $10 credit when you make your first purchase after signing up.


Altered Fiction is a platform that allows users to read comics on their website for free. To learn more about how it works check out their FAQ.


Goodreads has more than 20,000 graphic novels available for download in PDF format for no charge. It’s best for fans of independent comics and manga as well as some recent Marvel and DC titles.


By Kazim Kabir

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