Where to Download the Full Set of CCNP Videos?

CCNP Videos

Having passed CCNA certification, you must be familiar with Cisco certification system. Cisco certification is divided into three levels with progressive difficulty: CCNA certification (primary), CCNP certification  intermediate and CCIE certification (expert).

So, how to choose the CCNP certification videos? It is suggested that you can watch the CCNP videos of Three Cups of Black Tea, a famous CCNP lecturer.

However, although watching videos to learn for CCNP certification can save a training fee, it is still recommended that you choose a reliable CCNP training institution. The reasons are as follows:

First, training institutions have outstanding lecturers. Taking SPOTO as an example, it focuses on high-end talent training, employment and technical services in the network field. It is the first practical brand of paid network engineers and advocate of high-end network talent training in China. It is one of the institutions that took the lead in conquering the new version of Cisco CCIE certification.

Second, the technology of CCNP certification is constantly iterative, and the curriculum content relative to CCNP is also constantly updated. Not that the more class hours, the better. What we pursue should be to spend the least time and learn the most knowledge, that is, to make what we learn become the content of the CCNP certification exam. The CCNP certification courses of SPOTO is divided into 18 courses, 4 times / week, 2-2.5h / time, which can be completed in 35 days.

Third, in addition to theories, CCNP certification focuses more on the experiment. The advantage of SPOTO 2020 CCNP courses lies in the cloud laboratory and mind mapping, which ensure that students can learn anytime and anywhere, and the range of experimental difficulty is more reasonable, making learning more systematic and improving learning efficiency. Moreover, there are exercises and study notes provided after each class, and there are course playback to ensure that students consolidate their knowledge points to the greatest extent.

Fourth, training institutions provide service and after-sales. If you study videos on your own, no one will answer the questions you don’t understand. However, if you take part in online CCNP certification training, in addition to directly asking the teacher when you encounter problems in live class, there will be homework and guidance of teaching assistants after class, and during the whole process the head teacher will track your study. In addition, targeted employment recommendation services will be provided free of charge according to the needs of enterprises and students.

So much about the recommendation of the full set of CCNP videos. For more CCNP contents, please contact with our course consultant.

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