Where are thermal mass flow meters used?

thermal mass flow meter

The different types of flow meters are used in a wide range of applications  for the measurement of various substances in industrial applications. Automation tools and instruments provide several advantages to various industries and manufacturing factories which help with the productivity of business operations and it also provides increased efficiency in its different frameworks. Flow meters is one of those instruments which is manufactured to precisely measure the flow rate within a pipe.

The two prominent types of flow meters that are used in various industries are liquid flow meter and gas flow meter. These flow meters provide accurate measurements and this helps with the guidance in producing precise results which go a long way towards safe, efficient, and environmentally compliant operation in many applications. There are about 6-8 instruments of flow measurement for the purpose of measuring flow rate of the gases that are available. The range and accuracy of devices varies depending on different factors like composition of gas.

Thermal mass flow meter applications

When it comes to thermal mass flow meter, these meters are primarily used for the measurement of air and gas flow applications. These meters have transmitters and probe consisting of temperature sensors, which are located towards the pins at the bottom of probe. One sensor is responsible for measuring process temperature whereas the other sensor is specifically heated to a temperature above that temperature. As there is an increase in flow rate, heat is taken away from heated sensor through convective heat transfer.

Silver Instruments is one of the industry leading manufacturer of various industrial processing and measuring instruments in the market. The company known for its high quality of industrial processing instrument products and highly professional customer support service. There are various measurement tools listed for sale on the company website.

When it comes to thermal mass flow meter, https://www.silverinstruments.com/  provide insertion type or inline thermal mass flow meter for measuring gas or air. The gas mass flow meter provided by the company is an ideal solution for measuring air or gas, ranging from the small pipelines to the larger pipelines, stacks or ducts. Some of the prominent thermal mass flow meters listed for sale on the company website are thermal dispersion mass flow meter, natural gas mass flow meter, remote read gas meter, low pressure gas flow meter, and flare gas flow meter among others.

Some of the best features of thermal mass flow meter manufactured by silver automation instruments are: it takes direct measurement of volumetric gas flow which means there is no need for compensation for change in temperature or pressure. It can easily detect gas leak due to its low end sensitivity. In addition to that gas flow metering will be done even in low pressure and all of this comes at low price compared with others in the market.

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