When a Cheap Airsoft Gun Really Isn’t Cheap

Whether you’re up for your thirtieth airsoft gun or you’re just about to pull the trigger on your first, price is a big factor. Some buying guides will tell you that price is the most important factor to establish before you start your search. You don’t want to fall in love with a brand new AEG only to lament the fact that, scrimp and save how you may, it’s still out of your price range.

Which introduces the elusive concept of cheap airsoft guns. Airsofters are crafty and huge into modding and upgrades. What makes one person’s “cheap” airsoft gun might not be cheap at all, especially if you weigh the following factors when a cheap airsoft gun really isn’t cheap at all.

When It’s Upgradeable
An airsoft gun may have a sticker price that you consider “cheap,” but it’s really not cheap if the gun is meant to be upgraded, or even if it can be. Players love to mod their Hi-Capas, G&G Raiders and other popular platforms and airsoft guns like these seem to be incomplete before they’re accessorized anyway.

There are tons of compatible and aftermarket parts for airsoft guns like these and you can even swap out internals for greater performance. If you’re going to be putting more money into an airsoft gun anyway to mod it or make it better with upgraded parts, how can it have actually been cheap, to begin with?

When It’s Expandable
Something else to consider is expandability. Even if you don’t change out the internal springs, motor, MOSFET, or other internal components that affect performance, tons of cheap airsoft guns can be expanded with accessories that will enable them to perform well out of their price range.

Don’t forget that an airsoft gun that can accept a new stock or grip or tracer unit can be made better with one. Also, keep in mind that that rail space is there for a reason and you shouldn’t let it go to waste. You can boost the performance of cheap or plain airsoft guns with top-end optics and other attachments, transforming a cheap buy into a bargain for the airsoft field.

When It’s a Top-Selling Airsoft Gun but You Got It for a Song
Finally, a cheap airsoft gun is not cheap if the only thing cheap about it is the price. The G&G CM16 and ARP9 have been top-sellers and top-performers for years now, but these are both very well known for their expandability, upgradeability, and downright reliability. They’re rock solid and players love them, and not just for the price.

That said, sometimes you can get top-selling airsoft guns for a great deal, and two questions follow. One, why wouldn’t you if you had the opportunity, and two, how does that make the airsoft gun cheap? Our personal opinion on the matter is that a really good deal is a really good deal and shouldn’t be seen as a detractor. If you could get a sports car for 20 dollars, wouldn’t you?

Perfecting the Art of Selling Customer Favorites like They’re Cheap Airsoft Guns
MiR Tactical, operating from MiRTactical.com, has been a trusted supplier of airsoft guns and gear for players around the country, and they know a thing or two about when a cheap airsoft gun is not cheap at all, but actually quite a bargain.

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