5 Ways to Use Whatsapp Automation to Meet Your Event Marketing Goals

Whatsapp Automation

WhatsApp automation can help you in every step of your event, from registration to engagement to communication to feedback and more. But you need more information that can be helpful in WhatsApp automation for business. So, you can reach the best WhatsApp business API provider who can create and get you the right features and functionalities for event management.

So, here are the 5 easiest ways that can be helpful in using the WhatsApp Automation and meeting the event marketing goals easily.

5 Easiest Ways to Use Whatsapp Automation for Event Marketing!

5 Ways to use WhatsApp automation to meet your event marketing goals are as follows:

Promote Your Products

You can use different ways to promote your business with WhatsApp. It creates various changes that can be helpful in easy branding and higher product marketing.

Push Notification & Broadcast: You can create different promotional messages to display in the notification and pop-ups via WhatsApp. It can be helpful to remind your audience about your products and services. Moreover, you can send unlimited messages that can be helpful in keeping pushing your audience toward your latest sales and brand services. It is the same as you may get various notifications from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and myriad other businesses.

But you can mold this feature for your event. You can send notifications from the day you start promotion for your event, whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Moreover, you can include a link to your event registration page that can be helpful in taking your audience directly to register. This way, you can make the event registration via WhatsApp possible.

Recover Abandoned Carts

You can sell your Whatsapp event tickets using the right marketing style.

Database Marketing: You can start a campaign with the database you collect from the brand insights and event analytics. Moreover, rich media, like images, videos, PDFs, etc., and interactive message templates for better reach and compelling your audience to get back and complete the booking of E-tickets for events.

D2C Selling Via WhatsApp: You can make your brand sale directly with the customers by sharing all the products seen or added to the watchlist on your website. Moreover, sometimes people leave the product in the cart and leave, which is called an abandoned cart. So, you can use WhatsApp automation to send them a reminder. It will be helpful in making them complete the purchase.

Share Campaigns, Discounts, And Offers

You can create campaigns, discounts, and offers you can share with the audience using the right WhatsApp business API provider.

Offer Online Ticket Booking Option: You can offer an online Whatsapp event ticket booking option for the audience. They can reach the link and make the final payment to register and join your event. Moreover, it is as simple as booking a movie ticket. They will get an M badge-based QR code for entry at the event.

Manage RSVP Over WhatsApp: You can send QR code-based Digital Invitations to all the participants over WhatsApp. It will be beneficial to make them register asap with all the discounts and offers.

Deliver Delightful Experiences

You can create a great event experience for your audience with WhatsApp automation for business.

Live Audience Engagement: You can add different features to your events over WhatsApp. Such as asking a question, live poll, collecting feedback, or sharing the agenda with the audience. These sessions can be helpful in engaging the audiences throughout the event. Moreover, they can listen to all the event sessions. They can participate in all these features.

Post Event Feedback: You can collect all the feedback from the audiences via WhatsApp. It will be hard to get everyone’s follow-up in a virtual, in-person, or hybrid meeting. So, WhatsApp will be the right source to reach them again with a link to the survey form.

Render Real-Time Customer Support

You can get a complete online event journey and customer support from the best WhatsApp business API provider.

User Journey Automation: You can send them regular updates over WhatsApp with a new twist and creative content. It can be helpful in engaging customers using the CTA & Quick Reply buttons in your WhatsApp messages and notifications. Rather than the content, images, videos, PDFs, infographics, and more can be helpful in making your messages better.

Digital Event Help Desk: You can get complete customer support with the WhatsApp business API provider. Moreover, it will be helpful in managing the 1000s of customer conversations with the help desk at scale on WhatsApp.

So, these are the various ways that can be helpful in using WhatsApp automation and meeting your event marketing goals. You can achieve all your event marketing goals with WhatsApp automation easily.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to know all the ways to use Whatsapp automation to meet your event marketing goals.

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