What’s the difference between a cafe and a restaurant?


See all the food and services a restaurant offers, as well as its price range and service. Mention that if you have a small appetite, you may want to consider going to a cafe instead of dining at a restaurant.

Cafes offer snacks, while restaurants serve an entire meal. Most restaurants in the United States serve three meals per day; however some cafes may only serve breakfast or lunch. The prices of both are similar but vary based on location and what is offered with your meal or meal add-ons. Most cafes also offer similar drinks such as coffee and tea, while restaurants will often have alcoholic beverages for sale too. Both both offer free Wi-Fi connectivity.

A cafe is an informal dining establishment that prepares smaller portions of food for a more casual consumption and does not serve formal meals with fixed prices. Cafes serve coffees, teas, light snacks and desserts. Many cafes also offer alcoholic beverages as well as imported drinks from other countries, including wine, beer and spirits. A cafe is often in casual dress like jeans or sneakers; however some high end cafes will require you to wear a dress shirt or suit jacket while others not so much.

Examples of a cafe include:

German: “Kaffeehaus”, “café” or “café(h)”; French: “Café”. Spanish: “Café”, Italian: “Caffè” or “Caffè espresso” and Japanese: お庭でチェック, literally: Check at a garden. Portuguese: “café”.

The Arabic word for coffee is qahwah.
Some examples of Turkish words that include the word coffee are ‘Kahve’, ‘çay’ and keşk.

Many Greek cafés (called kafeneia) serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, like merloughinos (a sweet brandy-like spirit made from pomegranates).

In Polish and Ukrainian coffee is called kawa, while in Russian coffee is called kahva.

Kaffeehaus (coffee house), Kantine (sausage and onion soup served on bread), Franziskaner (a beer significantly brewed under monastery brewing traditions)

Café stalls are set up at railway stations for the travelers who would like to grab a drink or snacks. Most of the cafés are run by the Indian Railways and offer authentic Indian food and beverages, like Masala Chai. Some of these cafés are run by rail-bound passengers themselves, who provide full time employment to them.

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