What to do when you see a red light on your hoverboard?


The hoverboard has been a buzzing word in recent years and you can see its massive rise around you. Hoverboards are loved by everyone and people are getting infatuated with this device, for all the good reasons. There are numerous spectacular things about hoverboards but sometimes they are dangerous too if you’re not being meticulous and careful in their use. You know that devices come with pros and cons but hoverboards are different. You can visit https://hoverboardsworld.com/ to have some unique information about them. 

According to sedulous studies by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, when there was a massive recall of hoverboards, almost half a million hoverboards fell under the list of defective products and it was just mind-boggling. What were the most prominent causes behind this?

 For your information, fire and explosion hazards were the leading reasons. Resultantly, there have been so many reports of serious injuries involving fractures, brain injuries, and broken bones. When the climate is warmer, you might have this tendency and proclivity to hop on your hoverboard without any protective measures. These measures include supportive shoes, protective gear, and helmets. Do not forget to take protective measures before you go out for the ride. 

Recalls have also been about hoverboard charges because they are charged via USB chargers, which will not be safe all the time. To your surprise, these USB chargers do not receive a UL certificate and they cannot be taken off the market immediately. A solid and formidable policy is required in that regard. You don’t have a magic wand that can tell you if a product is defective, without charging it a couple of times. Even if you are being prudent and assiduous about the batteries, you could still get your hands on a faulty charger that can further damage the whole board. 

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But here are some of the tips that can be helpful when it really comes to making sure that the hoverboard is safe for yourself: 

  • First and foremost, make sure that you buy a hoverboard that is UL 2272 Certified, this is indispensable; 
  • Make sure that you do not leave the hoverboard on charge for more than three hours, remove the charger before the given time;
  • Moreover, do not ever leave a charging hoverboard unattended, it can land you in trouble;
  • When it is fully charged, use it for while and bring the charge down to at the least 90%;
  • Adequate safety research is required before you hit the road with your hoverboard; 
  • Keep your hoverboard in a cool area and when you are not using it, keep it away from flammable objects; 
  • Pay extra attention when your kid is going to ride it; 
  • Use headgear and protection kit before you start riding it; 
  • It is widely advised that you must charge your hoverboard in an open area; 

When you see a flashing red light on your hoverboard, you should understand that there is something wrong with your hoverboard. 

Red Light Flashes Once:

It shows that there is a false connection in your hoverboard. You must consult with an expert but if you have the knowledge, you can disconnect all the hoverboard connections and then connect them back. If it still doesn’t work, you should see an expert. 

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Red Light Flashes Twice:

It means there is something wrong with the sensors and the hoverboard doesn’t balance well for you. 

Red Light Flashes Three Times:

It also means your sensors are damaged and your hoverboard will be lopsided. 

Red Light Flashes Four Times:

It indicates that there is an issue with the motor and you might need a new motor in this case. 

Red Light Flashes Six Times:

It shows that your hoverboard has a battery problem. You probably need a new battery for that. 

Finally, we will discuss a bit about the pricing of hoverboards. Usually they are available in the range of 100 USD to 1000 USD. You can choose a hoverboard under 200 USD for beginners. While good off-road hoverboards are usually up to the range of 500 USD. 

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