What to Do in Sevierville, Tennessee for Fun

Sevierville Tennessee for Fun

Humans are fun lovers, always looking for the next fantastic destination to explore. If you’re looking to visit Tennessee on your next vacation, there are more than enough reasons to consider Sevierville on your list of possible destinations.

Tennessee is home to the Great Smoky Mountains, the state’s most visited national park. Whether you’re simply visiting or owning a vacation property here, a visit to the Great Smokies should be in your top list of what to do in Sevierville, Tennessee.

While getting the right fun spots might seem like a puzzle, this article will unravel the mystery by providing you with a list of top fun destinations in Sevierville.

What to Do in Sevierville, Tennessee?

Sevierville has something for everyone with its abundance of natural parks, reserves, landmarks, and amusement parks. You can choose to visit the Dolly Parton statue if you’re a lover of music, the Great Smoky Mountains if you are a nature fan, or the NASCAR speed park if you have kids.

Here are some of your best fun activities to explore in Sevierville, Tennessee.

  • Visiting the Forbidden Caverns

Your trip to Sevierville will be incomplete without a trip to the wondrous forbidden caverns. The Forbidden Caverns is one of the 8,000 registered caves in Tennessee alone, and given its name, you can already tell this cavern has unique features. 

Visits to the cave are usually in groups of 30, and a tour guide will take you through the cave while explaining the different sections and their uniqueness to you.

  • Visiting the Tennessee Museum of Aviation

Airplanes might be annoying, but what isn’t vexing is learning about aircraft models as they evolve. At the Tennessee Museum of Aviation, you can learn about how the aviation industry developed to the present day; thank’s to the city’s rich archive of aviation history.

You’ll get to see 18 aircraft models as they evolve, before and after the Wright brother made their mark. The museum allows you to combine learning with fun to make the experience enjoyable. If you’re on the lookout for what to do in Sevierville, Tennessee, a trip to the aviation museum would be great.

  • Having Fun at the Sevierville National Park

This park has something for sports lovers looking to try their sporting skills with your family at Sevierville. The offered sports include football, basketball, baseball, and tennis. Once you get tired of playing, you can relax at the extensive pool facility.

The park also houses a kid’s playground where kids can have fun. Additionally, there’s a dog park where your dog can play around if you also brought your dog to share in the fun.

  • Exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

It’s near impossible to visit Sevierville without being wowed by the beauty of the famous Great Smoky Mountains. Luckily, you can satisfy your curiosity by visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which gives you a unique view of nature’s wonder.

You get to explore the numerous hiking trails and walking paths with which you can observe the Sevierville wildlife. Also, the park houses many waterfalls, which are all beautiful constructions by mother nature.

It’s essential to get your camera ready as there’s always room for nice shots when you visit the park. After exploring the fantastic mountains, you can round up the day by eating at one of the excellent restaurants selling local food around the area.

  • Visiting the Dolly Parton Statue

At the center of the Servier County Courthouse Lawn sits Dolly Parton statue, playing her guitar with a warm and charming smile. Paying a visit to this country music star honors her and helps her career and humanitarian works. You can always take a selfie with the country music queen’s statue for memories.

  • Testing Your Might at the Soaky Mountain Waterpark

If you love water plays, there’s no need to wonder what to do for fun in Sevierville, Tennessee. The Soaky Mountain Resort should be one of your top destinations in the city. There seems to be no better way to get an adrenalin rush than with almost 20 different rides that you can move through at breakneck speed.

After your experience, you can grab a snack at one of the park’s outlets. Cabanas are also available for rent at the Coyote soring pool and lounge area, designed to give you that much-needed relaxing feeling.

There are many restaurants spread across the city where you can try both local and continental dishes. If you need to get quality wear from your favorite brands, the Tanger Outlets in the central area have all you need. Have you been asking “what is there to do in Sevierville, Tennessee”, we believe you have gotten a few ideas?

Why Choose Sevierville?

Before visiting Sevierville, you may want to know why it qualifies to be your next tourism destination. If you must know, there are many compelling reasons to tour Sevierville, and we will try to show you some.

Firstly, the city’s closeness to the Great Smoky Mountains gives you an aesthetically pleasing first-hand view of the country’s most visited park. Also, the locals are friendly and hospitable. You can try several fun activities besides gazing at mountains all day, making it impossible to run out of what to do in Sevierville, Tennessee.

Houses in Sevierville are affordable, contributing to the low cost of living in the city if you’re considering moving here. The feeding cost is also less, making it an enjoyable place to stay overall, temporarily or permanently. 


While Sevierville might not make it to the list of the most famous cities in the United States, it happens to be an exciting tourist destination. In addition to tourism, it’s also a great place to invest in real estate, with properties costing less than the national average.

If you’re looking to delve into investing in properties in the city, you’ll need to work with an experienced real estate agency. Suppose you’re interested in owning a home in Sevierville, TN, visit https://theshorttermshop.com/sevierville/.

Before investing, however, ensure you check out the city and try out every fun activity suggested above; you’ll always have fond memories of the trip and will return


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