What to do if you have no resume writing experience before?


Writing a resume is the first step towards starting a successful career. Recent graduates and newcomers find it hard to figure out How to write a resume initially but by the end of this article you should have a good idea of what goes into building a good resume that will definitely help you land the job.

We will go over some basic elements of building a Resume with tips that increase the chances for success.

How to write a resume with the right resume Format

Resume Format Elements

The three crucial elements for any resume format are “Work Experience”, “Skills” and “Education”. Additionally certifications, awards and achievements can be added.

 3 resume formats :


This format emphasizes Work Experience. If you’re making a resume for the first time this is not for you.

Functional: This format prioritizes  Skills education 


This format prioritizes  Skills, education , certifications etc to make up for the lack of work experience.


As the name suggests this format uses a blending method where it plays to the strengths from all elements of the resume while down playing the weaknesses 

If you have no resume writing experience it’s best to either choose from the Functional Format or the Combination Format. 

Usage of Keywords

Keywords are simply words and phrases that employers expect to see on a resume that fulfill the requirements of the job offered. To learn how to write a resume with proper keyword optimization, go through the job description section of the job listing and see the particular things it requires. More often than not employers look for those words and phrases mentioned in the job description and thus those are considered key words. See which keywords match with your Skill Set and prioritize them in the Resume for best results. 

Emphasize Education 

Normally if you’re a professional, “Education” should take no more than 60 characters worth of space on the resume but since this is an article’s objective is to teach beginners how to write a resume,  it’s a good idea to put a little more effort in this section. Add GPA, mention special projects, all work you’ve done relating to the job offered, while a student, volunteering or otherwise.

Be thorough with the skills section 

Do not shy away from highlighting skills, especially if they are related to the job and appear in the keywords mentioned before. If you want to learn how to write a resume with a compelling skills section we recommend looking at resume examples from professionals, in the field of your choosing for a better idea of what your resume should look like.

Compose a Cover Letter

While learning how to write a Resume does not negate the effects a Cover Letter can have on a  resume for a newbie. 48% of Applicants on average will not attach a Cover Letter to their Resumes. Take advantage of  this and make your resume Stand out from the crowd by making a Cover Letter. 

The general structure of Cover Letter is the same across all fields 


The initial greeting to a Cover Letter. It should be personable and address the Hiring Manager by name. DO NOT USE “To Whom it may concern”


This section can is to impress the Hiring manager before they even look at the resume. Here mention your most impressive accolades and abilities and catch the eye of the Hiring manager. Keep it brief and don’t be afraid to brag a bit.


The meat of a Cover Letter this section is to elaborate on the relative skills and education you have . Be poised and formal but expand on how your skills and education will help you fulfill your duties. 

Closer/Call to Action 

The ending of a cover letter should be personable and poite and should show enthusiasm towards the position offered and also mention an eagerness to reach the interview stage and also mention that you will be calling in to determine the position of your application. This is good for future prospects and contact building. 

Resume Builder

A Resume Builder is a great tool used by both newbies and veterans, in a field to build a Resume according to the aforementioned standards. The best thing about using a Resume Builder is that they save a lot of time and are a great investment for people learning how to write a Resume. 

A Resume Builder will ask for the most basic of information from a user, help them choose a Resume Template, Format their resume for them and then have a resume ready in minutes.

If new to a field then apply almost anywhere you can, to optimize the chances of being hired. Then a Resume Builder is an invaluable tool as it helps you make targeted resumes that can be sent to more than one company in minutes.  

MyResumeLift offers a Resume Builder that will undoubtedly make a job seekers life easier. Whether they be a veteran in the field or a newbie. The ATS Friendly Resume Builder will help you format your resume. Many Resume templates to choose from and not having to worry about formatting errors.

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