What should You Know about EOR? Are there Any Perks?


An Employer of Record’ (EOR) is simply a third-party contracted by a client company to simply take on the main compliance responsibilities of an employer, as stated under the law.   You should know that when you use an EOR, they officially become the employer of your employees. This priceless outsourced service keeps a business in compliance with overall labour law and other types of fields of related regulations and massively help the company during its internationalization.

You know , in the international setups , regulations related to benefits and taxes can differ and be quite complex. Eors help companies enter new markets, manage advantage systems more efficiently, and can even sponsor overall work visas.

In addition, you must be wondering what is an PEO exactly? A professional employer organization is simply sometimes referred to as an employee leasing company, that is a human resources company that is thin by small and medium sized businesses to take over specific kinds of administrative functions, like that of payroll, taxes, and even that of employee benefits.

So, in case you are looking to fill contractor-based designations or roles for shorter term projects then a third-party organisation such as an EOR would be a great option for you as they hire and pay the employees on the behalf of your business and take responsibility for all formal employment endeavours. An EOR even take on the responsibility as the legal employer, employing as well as managing the staff.  They mostly work with seasonal workers, contractors, overall project-specific hires, and even that of country staff members.

The EOR is defined by their legal obligations in the country or that of jurisdiction in question.  Though the client company retains day-to-day supervision of overall workers, the EOR, in consultation with client companies performs the following actions:

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Tax registration

The EOR is always registered with the tax authorities as the employer of staff. This simply means they are needed to withhold certain  types of taxes from employee payments (namely income tax and that of payroll tax contributions). In addition, they are even needed to submit those amounts to authorities on a regular basis and obey any reporting requirements.

Payroll processing

The EOR processes the overall payroll of all employees in line with the legal needs applying in that jurisdiction. This encompasses managing necessary deductions, garnishments, that of expense re-imbursements and that of even leave entitlements.  Payment method and cycle is going to follow legal obligations, local custom and even the desires of the client company.

Benefits of working with an EOR

The cooperation that you get is risk opposed as the EOR is going to be the legal employer of the employee as there is a direct type of contract between the employee and the EOR. You are going to have a service agreement though, where you sell all details of the contract and with the other parties included.

Your organisation can easily hire in countries in the absence of registering an entity. An EOR already own a registered business in the country of interest. This easily can save you time and money meaning your business can easily expand faster and is quite flexible. This may be particularly beneficial when you need a contingency workforce for fulfilling business demand. Remember that with the presence of an EOR, you can easily bring in a contingency workforce to help expand your business at quite a short notice and can work with a short project period.

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Easy international expansion

In case seeking to employ professionals in multiple countries or locations, it is mostly a requirement to have a local entity in that place to officially employ staff.  An International EOR solution can employ professionals in multiple countries, in the absence of the need to incorporate locally. This is something that saves on the cost of establishing multiple international subsidiaries, and permits new employees to get onboarded within days.  An EOR solution also ensures that all staff are hired in full visa as well as immigration compliance.

Inexpensive HR

In case you’re an owner of a small business, you could want to put off hiring a full-time human resource team as long as you can, at least till your business begins to grow. EOR can simply step in and permit you to use their HR professionals at a lower expense, so Eors are certainly very cost-effective when it comes contrary to hiring new employees.

Focus on operations

Running a business or company involves hundreds of tasks every day, and you should definitely focus on operational functions and various back-office tasks that are actually crucial for a growing business. Fortunately , an EOR can handle everything from finding you workers to that of solving tax riddles to concentrate on crucial tasks necessary for success.

No requirement for local incorporation

Your company can easily and effectively pick to hire foreign employees alone, but this requires setting up a local type of entity, AKA registering incorporation. Of course, this is one process that can take up a lot of your time and pennies, additionally the costs of hiring professionals to manage your legal and accounting tasks so that everything is proper and legal.

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What is the difference between EOR and a PEO?

Well, it would be right to say that an EOR is a specific solution commonly offered by a that of PEO.  In addition to EOR solutions, that of a PEO even often offers recruitment, payroll outsourcing, that of global mobility, human resource strategy and company incorporation services.  EOR solutions can also be forked from:

Contract staffing

Though this term is at times used as a synonym for PEO, it is mostly considered a distinct form of human resource solution. In contract staffing, the third-party company employments a workforce that it simply leases out to clients, often on a temporary type of basis. By contrast, in an EOR solution, the workforce is mostly exclusive to a single client.

Umbrella company

An umbrella company offers compliant payment solutions for self-employed workers. This is a specifically popular payment model.  While an umbrella company actually pays workers, those workers are not really on the umbrella company’s payroll: this is the critical difference with an EOR solution.


Thus, the point is simple, you can hire employer of record services and ensure that you make the utmost of them.

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