What Makes Practice Fusion EMR an Ideal Solution for Practices?

Practice Fusion is the United States’ #1 cloud-based outpatient EHR platform,1 assisting 30,000 medical practices in providing superior care to 5 million clients every month. Practice Fusion is dedicated to providing easy-to-use and straightforward healthcare IT services to small, solo medical practices with a best-in-class service rate.

Practice Fusion also provides solutions that benefit everyone in the medical ecosystem, such as clinical laboratories, pharmacies, diagnostic centres, health systems, and other health professionals. These partners use the Practice Fusion EHR system to coordinate treatment and develop new programs that help enhance care quality, lower costs, and improve the client experience.

Practice Fusion EMR Features

Electronic Prescriptions

The practice of electronically producing and delivering a prescription order so that doctors and other healthcare professionals can send a digital prescription to a pharmacy straight from the point of treatment is known as e-prescribing. Because there is no handwriting for the pharmacists to decipher or prescriptions to call in, e-Prescribing or digital prescribing improves accuracy, patient safety, and quality of service.

To assist your practice and clients, Practice Fusion’s e-prescribing software incorporates the most interconnected network in healthcare. The software e-prescribing helps your clients obtain the meds they need quicker by expediting prior authorization submissions and sending e-coupons to the pharmacy with an order.

Practice Fusion electronic prescription software is designed for the convenience of use, from delivering several prescriptions in a small transaction to two-click prescription refills. E-Prescribe to over 98,000 retailers from any internet-connected gadget, offering your clients the ease and flexibility they want to acquire their meds swiftly. E-prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS) is now operational in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, thanks to Practice Fusion e-prescribing software. The EMRs approved e-prescribing solution helps you stay HIPAA-compliant by keeping client health information safe and private.

Patient Charting

You could execute orders straight from your EHR using Practice Fusion Lab and Imaging tools, and you can save commonly used panels as templates for easier re-ordering in the future. To simply monitor patient adherence, use flowsheets to follow patient treatment throughout time and examine a compiled record of all orders and results. Receive organized latest results in your patient’s chart, with abnormal results automatically noted to aid in the identification of care needs.

By communicating data digitally via the free client portal, you can cut down on follow-up calls and quickly meet Meaningful Use requirements. Any physician in the United States can easily refer and share your client’s lab orders, and imaging findings organized clinical information, and chart notes.

Patient Engagement Tools

Minimize expensive client no-shows, increase customer satisfaction, and cut down on staff time being spent on the phone with ease and security. Text, audio, and email notifications with confirmation are included in Practice Fusion’s EHR subscription. With Updox, we also provide a more premium experience.

Add a personal touch to your communications by customizing them. Use a mode that your patients prefer (text, phone, or email) to communicate with them. With Practice Fusion Client Satisfaction tools, you can

  • Reduce the time you spend calling patients by automating your reminder routine.
  • Increase communication with at-risk populations or patients in long-term care
  • Streamline staff workloads with simple communications.
  • Inform people about important health information, such as upcoming flu clinics and health fairs.

Integrated Practice Management

Practice Fusion is a Cloud Based EHR Software that also includes practice management software to keep your office functioning properly. Practice Fusion is ranked as the #1 EHR for client satisfaction as the most prominent cloud-based EHR, with over 80 million client records and 4 million client visits per month. Practice Fusion EHR lets you get paid quicker, whether you utilize a billing provider or handle billing in-house. The program’s electronic superbill simplifies billing, and the system’s preferred billing partners provide the best cloud-based billing options that integrate seamlessly with your EHR workflows.

 Analytics and Reporting

Consider where referrals are arriving from and look for clients who have a specific diagnosis. Practice Fusion includes a number of standardized reports that can aid with information analysis and practice performance recognition. The standard reports that feature Practice Fusion follows the pattern shown below.

Though Practice Fusion has direct connections to a large dataset that could be useful for data analysis, one of the disadvantages is that it does not allow users to create custom reports. As a result, users may be unable to pursue answers to the unique questions that are most important for practice unless they are already covered in the preferred reviews.

Appointment Scheduling

Practice Fusion makes adding new clients to the device and scheduling appointments via email is simple. The appointment book is appealing and simple to use; you can start booking appointments within five minutes of signing up with Practice Fusion.

If you use Patient Fusion for check-in, prospective patients may find you online, make appointments, complete questionnaires, and do other office tasks. This information will be recorded in their patient file regularly. The device also provides more advanced scheduling features, such as online appointment booking and automated set reminders.

Practice Fusion EHR Alternatives – Athena EHR Software

Athena EMR is a prevalent name in the EMR world, and that is mainly because of the outstanding features it offers. Since most of the features that Athena EMR is offering are pretty similar to Practice Fusion, many users look at it as a close alternative. If you want to know more about Athena EMR’s features, please schedule an Athena EMR demo.

Last Few Words!

Practice Fusion is an excellent EHR tool to look into if you’re looking for one. It’s simple to try out the software — it only takes a few minutes to sign up and begin experimenting with its features. It suggests building some hypothetical patients and walking through their entire workflow, from scheduling to charting and invoicing, to see if the software application will meet the user’s demands. However, if the capacity to study data and make custom reports is required, other structures should be considered, as Practice Fusion does not yet support user-generated custom reviews. If you are seriously considering Practice Fusion EHR, don’t forget to schedule a Practice Fusion EMR demo and go through Practice Fusion EMR reviews.

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