What Is The Purpose Of The EICR?

The Purpose Of The EICR

The EICR is a report on the condition of the electrical installations. It is an official document based on an assessment of the condition of the electrical installation of the house. It must be performed by an experienced and qualified electrician or a licensed construction company. This usually means that they have been trained in periodic inspection and testing, are registered with an electrical company such as JIB or NICEIC, and have sufficient knowledge and experience with electrical installations.

There are many reasons why a landlord may require an EICR, but if you need to prove the safety of your electrical installation, it is obviously highly recommended. One of the most common reasons to request an EICR is that an EICR in a rental unit is the easiest and least time-consuming way to prove the safety of your electrical installation.

Reasons why an EICR is needed

While an EICR is recommended every ten years for all homes to check the condition of the wiring and detect any deterioration, there may be a number of reasons why an EICR is needed more frequently. Typical reasons include

  • The age of the electrical installation (the older the electrical installation, the more frequent the DCIE should be).
  • The type of property For example, if a house has a swimming pool, the recommended interval between EICRs is one year, but only the pool-related portion of the equipment should be evaluated.
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Misuse of the facility, such as vandalism.
  • Change of use of the living quarters. This could be a change of tenant in a rental property or preparation for the sale or purchase of the property. It is strongly recommended that an EICR be performed whenever there is a change of tenant in a rental property to ensure electrical safety. You can also request an EICR for the property you are purchasing to determine if any work needs to be done on the electrical system.
  • If the owner of the property has concerns about the condition of the electrical system.
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Although an EICR is not always required by law. It ensures that the home is electrically safe and does not have to be done at great expense. As with annual boiler maintenance, an EICR should be considered at the recommended intervals. Although the annual cost of an EICR is very small compared to an annual car or boiler maintenance. An EICR can detect potential problems before they become serious and expensive. Savings can be realized.

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The EICR allows the electrician to make a series of electrical observations and assign each observation a recommended code. The observation describes an error or omission in the electrical installation. The electrician assigns a code based on the severity of the observation. These words are clearly worded and are in no way a selling tool. If the customer wishes, he can request a competitive quote for the proposed work.

In order to make the EICR as effective as possible, London Property Inspections recommends. That the EICR be performed at the recommended intervals as outlined in the 17th edition.

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