What is the importance of online customer portal and how can you effectively scale it?


The feeling of independence is something every human craves. No matter the age. If you’ve spent time with a toddler, you’d know even they crave some level of independence. Whenever a toddler learns something new, they immediately want to try it out themselves. They are excited to try something for the first time and determined to do it themselves.

With DIY on the rise and modern technology, every adult wants to know the ins and outs of their work and business rather than relying on someone else. It can get hard to keep up with customer expectations, with customers wanting to be the driver of any service they use without any outside interference.

Traditionally, all business portals had one agenda “Fit everybody in the same glove”.  But in this day and age that is not a feasible option anymore. Online customer portal are not a fancy thing but a necessity that needs to be adopted at the first chance.

With community and personalized experiences on the rise, more and more demands and expectations need to be fulfilled which calls for a high-end customer experience and customer services.

Why Online Customer Portals?

Online customer portals are designed to give all users/customers access to services and information on the product they are using. It’s a private page with high-security encryption and can only be accessed by login and password unique to every user.

Usually, online customer portal software allows users to track key metrics, save personal and payment information, save and see account history, download digital files, access customer service portals, and so on.

They are a self-service platform giving users the ability to get the high-end benefits associated with using a certain product or service.

3 major elements of creating an online customer portal software

The company needs to make sure that its online customer portal software is top-notch. Take a look for instance at QuickBooks online customer portal. It’s easy to navigate and gives the user all the basic information they need to keep their accounts in check.

Adding an extension of the online customer portal is not enough. The software itself needs to be managed and developed in a way that is useful and helpful for the customer as well as for the company.

Creating a community aspect while providing the clients with your services is a sure way to engage and interact with the customers. It enhances the visibility of the company and allows users a glimpse of the internal workings of the company itself.

You need to consider these aspects while creating your online customer portal:

  • Peer-to-peer interaction

Community is an ever-growing aspect of the digital and modern age. The main benefit of having a community or being part of one is inclusiveness. People reach out to other people, share their experiences, ask questions and get answers instantly.

Creating an online community will help boost your customer service. Peer-to-peer interactions will not only increase your knowledge database but you would be able to understand what your customer needs in-depth. It’s like peeking into the looking glass and finding support and answers to all your questions.

Customer retention increases when you offer them the opportunity to connect with other people using your service or product and humanize the customer experience.

  • Knowledgeable database

You need to have a strong database within your portal. If any of your customers have a question or if they are looking for specific information that they are unable to find, the search engine on your portal should be able to give them access and answers to the particular file or document they needed or redirect them to a blog with the right directions.

  • Segmented and centralized data

Not every customer that comes to your website will be on the same stage. Some will be just starting with you; some would have been a user for a long while. So how do you segregate the information you are providing to your customers?

The answer is very simple, you need to segment information based on relevancy and make it easier and more accessible. If you want to reach ultimate customer success, you need to personalize the answers and information you are providing.

To conclude

You need to make sure your website is updated and equipped with all the latest information. If you provide exclusive updates and information and have a strong online community, your customer retention will increase. It will also decrease customer support costs and make your customer more prone to using or re-using your services.

By Arslan Shah

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