What is BB Glow good for?

BB Glow

Skincare has become a very important thing in this day and age. We see several trends on a daily basis that promise to reduce a person’s age and make them look young. BB Glow skin treatment has become one of the most trending remedies. Due to this latest technology, you can have flawless skin. You can look for bb glow kit price in Pakistan online with its features to have an idea.

BB Glow Results:

BB glow before and after shows tremendous improvement. It enhances the looks and the feel of your skin rapidly. Right after the first appointment, you’ll notice immediate improvements. Some of the most common improvements you will notice right after the first appointment are

  • Brighter and glowing skin
  • Less dark patches
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Less skin discoloration

About the treatment:

So, what is BB glow treatment? It is semi-permanent makeup for the skin. It is a cosmetic procedure that involves a combination of power tinted serum that is applied using the microneedling method, it utilizes the latest technology to infiltrate the first layer of the skin with microneedles and quickly removed from a microneedling pen.

Benefits of the treatment:

BB glow serum has several benefits which might convince you to go for this treatment. We’ll talk about only the top-tier benefits that this treatment will bring you.

  •  It provides you quick results and you’ll end up getting soft and flexible skin
  • You’ll slowly get a lightening effect on your skin that will last long
  • It aids in neutralizing free radicals
  • It replenishes your skin in such a way that the lost fair complexion and skin tone come back
  • It helps get rid of wrinkles and plumps the skin as well
  • It reduces the appearance of pores

Reasons this treatment is frowned upon:

There have been reported side effects from this treatment such as patchy skin, redness, dermatitis, and allergic reactions. Some people have even reported that they get some swelling. Some dermatologists say that tinted pigment can’t be entrusted to be deposited evenly as a micro needle is used in circular motions by a technician which could lead to patchy skin.

Some people think that fairer skin shouldn’t be the goal, and that semi-permanent is a subjective term, it might mean that you get a week of brighter skin by putting your skin through danger.

Who is and isn’t a prospect for BB Glow treatment?

Anyone who is dealing with skin problems like discoloration, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, dull and dehydrated skin, etc, is the perfect candidate for this treatment however, certain people shouldn’t opt for this treatment.

  • Pregnant
  • Undergoing cancer treatment
  • Suffering from certain skin conditions like active acne, rosacea, etc.
  • If you take blood-thinning medicines
  • If you take Accutane
  • If you are suffering from any infection

How many sessions does the treatment require?

The saturation of the pigmented serum is built up over time. Micro needling improves the texture and the state of the skin over time. The BB glow treatment is done throughout 2-10 sessions, which depends on the harshness of the skin issues. Although, the majority of the clients of this treatment have reported that 3-5 sessions helped them achieve their desired result.  

Duration of this treatment:

It has been documented that BB glow treatment can last up to 6 months. If you want longer-lasting results, you’ll have to get the treatment done after some time.

All in all:

Skincare is something that should be considered a very serious subject. You need to do proper research before you go for any type of treatment. You certainly don’t want your skin to be harmed in any way. Consult a dermatologist first, find out everything about your skin and all the available treatments, and then go for the proper treatment that your skin requires.

By Michael Caine

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