What is an Amazon FBA Business?

Amazon FBA is most promising online business. Amazon fba business is a great way for many people to sell their products online. It is completely a setup where you, as a seller, can sell  your products.

Amazon is like tidal  force  on the entire economy and it has changed the life of million of people. Over 50% of ecommerce sale happens on amazon.

NOT A Get rich quick scheme:

 It is important to note as well that this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is not something that tomorrow you are going to wake up and you are going to have a 10 million dollars from selling your products on amazon ,this is a very much long process .

Prosand cons of FBA:


 Amazon does all the work for you. Just follow your list, make sure it is full of product, and let the fulfillment take care from start to finish.

 You’ll save some time and you’ ll probably end up selling more because amazon is shipping  it for you so, it might  end up saving your time as well, you don’t have to run to post office to ship those products .

Do you want to know what is an Amazon FBA business? It will also handle  customer service such as refunds and returns.

FBA costs

FBA FBA costs Here’s the part everyone always wants to skip to: the cost. It’s going to cost money, but it doesn’t have to be a small fortune. For starters, think about things like how Amazon charges fees: In storage, items are charged based on size and weight, not cost. For you, that means selling low-cost items through FBA could cost more than it’s worth. Be deliberate in choosing what you do and do not include through the FBA platform.

You pay storage fees and fulfillment fees with the Amazon FBA program. The more inventory you have stored, the more it will cost you. Amazon also has this nifty thing where costs go up for items that are stored for more than 180 days, which encourages people to get and keep products on the go. Additionally, Amazon keeps track of items that are stored in an Amazon warehouse but are not listed for sale or in stranded inventory.


The problem with amazon fba is that it can actually be a little more expensive because amazon does take a quite few fees.You also have to pay the storage fees with amazon fba .

Methods of business models:

Retail arbitrage:

In this, you can easily find things to sell, buy the item and ship to the fba .This is good for somebody who is on budget ,you can spend low cash and you get more back. You can search the deals you find.


Next up is wholesale. More or less, this includes dealers putting resources into enormous volumes of items straightforwardly from providers and selling these on Amazon at a greater expense. Purchasing in mass permits you to get hold of possibly high-esteem things however at low costs, permitting you to keep a high-net revenue for each deal you make .

In the wholesale, resell the brand products on amazon for the profit. We don’t own the brand and our risk is super low.

Private labeling:

The private mark model comprises of obtaining items from a third party manufacturer  and marking them up as your own. You can buy unbranded items for a minimal expense, attach your image name and logo and charge a more exorbitant cost to create a profit.

Drop shipping:

 In this, you are selling the products on the behalf of supplier. A customer has bought something from you, passed onto the supplier. On your behalf, hedropships it to the customer .


Third party seller is all about with recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of every plan of action and being sensible about how time and money you need to contribute. Whenever you have settled on the best methodology for you, stick to it. 

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