What is a Laser Cutter?

Laser Cutter

Different CNC machines with laser cutters will undoubtedly give you the facilities you need to provide you with the comprehensive solution you require. A Laser Cutter will become your best ally for your company’s growth thanks to its technology and the versatility to work with any medium-density material you need. Learn more about the scope of your Laser Cutter.

The Laser Cutter’s technology offers a wide range of possibilities for cutting, engraving, or marking on various materials without a high precision limit in the design area.

It works using a tube through which an electrical point passes through the cathode and the anode, which incites the gases, thus generating the laser beam. This laser beam exits through the tube, reaching three mirrors to reach the head. An amber lens makes the beam concentric on the head, but a 6 mm focus from the head portion to the material is also needed to make the spot as thin as possible.

How does a Laser Cutter work?

A laser cutter allows you to work with different materials thanks to its technology. This machine has a laser designed to focus a beam of light at a specific point. This comprises three mirrors and a lens to concentrate the light.

What is a Laser Cutter used for?

It is possible to engrave, mark, cut, and dot any vectorized image with a laser cutter.

  • Engrave with a Laser Cutter

It is done using line spacing through a program to see how much it will go down so that your product has good quality, guaranteeing a better finish.

  • Mark with a Laser Cutter

Follow a vector along a line at low power and high speed. The brand it offers is similar to burnt lines, marks, and lines, simply giving more aesthetic finishes.

  • Cut on a Laser Cutter

This machine can cut any design pattern in various materials in a few seconds, thanks to its power through the concentrated light beam. Its cut is fine to avoid reprocessing, and you will obtain exceptional quality.

  • Dotted with a Laser Cutter

By selecting a vector and telling the CNC machine to make a series of points every certain distance, this work can be done in materials such as MDF, acrylic, paper, leather, denim, and battery paper.

Industries that benefit from a laser cutter


It is possible to create innovative stands, pennants, brochures, banners, and everything necessary to attract customers. It is also possible to make complete maquilas for various points of sale, ideal for advertising companies dedicated to making guerrilla propaganda, , or proposals.


A Laser Cutter helps make three-dimensional models assembled to scale, templates, shutters, lattices, door or window frames.


This machine allows you to manufacture working models, prototypes, or final products such as stereotomies, flexible hinges, gears, and housings for electronic items in the industrial field.


When a university believes in processes and its students’ involvement, it will undoubtedly implement a Laser Cutter. It is possible to accept direct designs of specialized programs, thus teaching the most innovative technological trends.


It is ideal for designing clothes or stuffed animals, optimizing cuts and increasing detail, and achieving an impeccable finish.

Paper and crafts

With the Laser Cutter technology, you can make decorative objects, posters, packing, frames, or invitations. Thanks to CO2 technology, it is possible to achieve the accuracy and precision required by this industry.

Advantages of implementing a Laser Cutter

The Laser Cutter automates current cutting processes, providing unsurpassed quality and record delivery times, positioning you as the first option in the market.

Perfect finish

Losses are reduced, avoiding a second production process, which represents savings in energy, labor, and delivery times thanks to the speed and efficiency with which this machine works.

Return on Investment

Your ROI is approximately six months, considering production of 8 hours for five days a week.

Production capacity

The estimated productivity increase with a Laser Cutter is 80-90% ineffective working time compared to manual or traditional jobs that are currently obsolete.


This machine will cut, dot, and engrave processes on hundreds of medium-density acrylic, paper, cardboard, and MDF materials. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the laser can move following any trajectory at high speed.

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