What is a healthy balanced diet & What are its benefits?

Whenever there is a discussion about health and fitness, the first step is always a balanced diet. You might have heard it a lot of times that eating right makes a huge difference on your health. But do you know what is a balanced diet and what are its components? Let’s find out in this article. 

What is a balanced diet? 

A balanced diet comprises all the components in the right proportion to help you maintain your weight and overall health. The main components of a healthy diet are discussed in detail below. 

One must understand that healthy diet in no ways means that you keep craving food or starve yourself. It encourages you to make healthier choices and remove or minimize foods like processed foods, added sugar etc. from your daily diet. 

Benefits of eating a balanced diet 

There are numerous benefits of eating a healthy and balanced diet – 

  • It helps you manage your weight 

  • Provides all essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals 

  • Reduces the chance of vitamin deficiency and illness 

  • Boosts immunity 

  • Improves energy levels 

For specific diet plans based on your individual health goals or if you are suffering from an illness, you can consult a professional nutritionist. 

Components of a healthy and nutritious diet 

Make sure to include the following components in your diet to make it wholesome and healthy. 


Carbohydrates take up the largest chunk in your daily diet. They provide energy, fuel the brain, kidney, central nervous system, and heart muscles for optimal performance. Fiber which is an important carbohydrate should not be ignored from your diet. It helps with digestion, reduces bloating, and reduces constipation. It is important that you choose the right kinds of carbohydrates like whole grains, whole wheat bread, oats etc. to get the balance of taste as well as nutrition. 


Surprised to see that fats are an integral part of a balanced diet? The first component that people eliminate from their diet if they want to lose weight or build lean muscles is fat. But fats contribute to 15% of the daily calorie intake and are a major source of energy providers. They also help in proper absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D, A, K and E.. You should make sure that you include good sources of fat in the form of monounsaturated fats – flaxseeds, nuts, ghee etc. Try and get rid of trans fat and polyunsaturated fat from your diet as these are most harmful. 


Protein acts like building block for your body. You need good quality protein for the development of new cells and repair of existing cells. The requirement of protein changes with life stages, but its importance cannot be overlooked at any stage. Around 25% of daily calories should come from your protein intake in the form of pulses and dairy products like – milk, cheese, eggs etc. 

People have this misconception that if they don’t do intense gymming or are not professional athletes and bodybuilders, they don’t need a protein supplement. If you don’t get enough protein through your diet or are into fitness and bodybuilding, you can consider including premium quality protein supplements in your routine. Go through the complete range of GNC protein powders and you will surely find a whey protein supplement for your individual needs.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are like warriors in the diet. They help fight infections, boost immunity, and support body’s natural ability to ward of diseases and illness. Each vitamin, mineral, and trace element is needed in a particular quantity. Eat a diet that’s full of fruits and vegetables as they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help in various functions of the body. 

A lot of times people think that vitamins and minerals aren’t that important and ignore the signs of deficiency. The symptoms for each vitamin deficiency vary. You can get in touch with your doctor to know more about these signs. Your doctor might recommend some multivitamins to help provide the daily dose of essential nutrients. 


A lot of people don’t know that water is an integral part of balanced diet. It regulates your body temperature, flushes out toxins from the body, helps with various functions, helps in transporting oxygen to different organs, and lubricates your joints. For an average person, it is recommended that one must drink 8- 10 glasses of water a day. 

When you increase your water intake you’ll see your skin will become more plump and you’ll feel less bloated. Some tips to drink more water throughout the day are – keep a bottle handy, drink water through a supper bottle, and drink detox water. 

Multivitamins for a healthier you 

Now that you know all the components of a balanced diet, we hope you’ll work towards making a change in your lifestyle and eating healthy. But due to various reasons like – restricted diet, eating a lot of junk food, stress eating, not eating at the right time, or disease and illness, one might not get the essential vitamins and minerals. Also with varying nutritional needs at different life stages, you cannot just depend on your daily diet to get all the essential nutrients including trace elements. 

You can add multivitamins to your daily diet to get all the nutrients. Multivitamins are packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants in a single tablet. So you can take one tablet and get the daily nutritional support. There are different kinds of GNC multivitamins available that it might get daunting for you to choose the best. The 4 main categories of GNC multivitamins are – multivitamins for men, multivitamins for women, children and teen multivitamins, and multivitamins for seniors. 

Cut the crap

Adding multivitamins is beneficial for you. In the same way it will be beneficial if you cut down the following elements from your diet – 

  • Trans fats 

  • Alcohol 

  • Processed sugar and processed foods 

  • Refined grains 

  • Red and processed meat 

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By Arslan Shah

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