What holidays are coming this December?

Not only Christmas but there are so many other holidays coming this winter 2022 that are bringing bundles of joy. The whole world looks forward to December as there are a lot of celebrations happening at that time. Starting from the 1st different events happen all around the world. Of course, we anxiously wait for christmas but there are other festivals too that will make your December much more memorable. 

In our list of December global holidays, we have a lot of different holidays that are celebrated with full devotion. So, here are the Best Things To Do In Hollywood Florida during December holidays.


It is a very old traditional festival that was founded in Germany and the other parts of Europe. The best part is that it is the part of Christmas which the people of Europe celebrate. Krampusnacht was a beast with demonic powers who have taken the children centuries before. The legends say it is true and so the people celebrate safety from the demonic beast on December 5. 

Santa Lucia:

Santa Lucia was a saint who showed people the light even in the darkest of times. Even on the day of the murder, the people saw the darkest clouds with a light of hope coming out of it. The whole environment around them was kind of terrifying and comforting. So, people celebrate this day and educate each other on how one should believe and hope for the best even in the darkest of times. 

Yule and Solstice:

These are very old winter traditions that still happen in different parts of the world. Yule especially is an 11 days celebration and people make big cakes and cut them to celebrate it. It has a lot of connection with the winter and you can say that it welcomes and spreads the joy of the season. 

New Year:

The new year is of course the best but our main focus is always on New Year’s eve. It is the day when we make new goals and think positive things about our life. It is the end of December and at night people wait for the next year. Everyone dances and enjoys big feasts. The whole idea is to celebrate it with your friends and family and let know each other their new goals. You will see fireworks happening and people dancing around with each other cheering and saying goodbye to the year. 

Feast of the Immaculate conception:

Not a lot of people know about it because it is mainly in Catholic education and people. It is a day devoted to the Virgin Mary and Jesus. People pray and talk about their religion with love. The stories are told that Mary did not commit a sin and that her child was brought into the world all on her own. It was a gift who had great powers and a love for all of his people. 

Las Posadas:

Las Posadas continues for 9 days and starts on December 16th. It ends one day before Christmas and it is the time of 9 days depicting the 9 months of Mary’s pregnancy. 


There are many different holidays in December that are celebrated all around the world. These global holidays include Krampusnacht, Santa Lucia, Yule and Solstice, New Year’s Eve, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and Las Posadas. Each of these holidays has its own unique history and meaning that is celebrated by people all over the world. So, if you are looking for something to do this December, be sure to check out some of these amazing global holidays!

By Arslan Shah

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