What Do You Mean By Cosmetic Tube Packaging?

Cosmetic Tube Packaging

Cosmetic tube packing is widely used in creams, lotions, gels, and even other cosmetic products. It is also used solid as it provides a protective layer, preventing the contents from cracking. With the advent of plastic tubes unlike aluminum, tubes can now hold a wide range of content. Basically, a cosmetic tube is a cylindrical, hollow piece with a round or oval profile that is made up of plastic, aluminum, cardboard, etc. Cosmetic tubes packaging are made from different materials. Tube packaging is best for cosmetic products.

How are squeeze tubes filled?

The tube is filled from bottom to top using a piston. Then it is heated, preparing to close. It is sealed pneumatically. Excess material will be trimmed.

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  • Custom Cosmetic tube
  • Cosmetic tube manufacturer
  • Cosmetic tube wholesale
  • Empty cosmetic tube
  • Cosmetic soft tube

1.   Custom Cosmetic Tube

We have all seen those beautifully colored, brightly colored makeup tubes used to pack lips and eye shadows. Made by a cosmetic tube supplier, those makeup tubes with big brand names on the front have bright and beautiful characters. If you are wondering how these companies come up with their own custom cosmetic tube designs? It’s not as easy as it looks! Read this article in a few minutes, and you will find it.

Custom cosmetic tube packaging means that you design your own cosmetic tube from scratch. You can ask a cosmetic tube supplier put your company logo on it and make it look like anything you want.

Benefits of Custom Cosmetic tubes

  • Determine your customer Persona
  • Increase in sales
  • Build brand worth

Determine your customer Persona

It is important to know who the designer is. What kinds of people want your product the most? If you know who they are, it will be easier to find out what will get their attention.

No matter what type of people you are trying to reach, there are ways to keep yourself faithful to your product. Whether by changing the color scheme of an existing makeup tube or by coming up with a completely new design for your product, there are many ways to exit the competition.

Increase in sales

Creating custom makeup tube packages can help your products stand out from the competition. With fictional and original designs, styles, and colors, your custom packaging boxes, tubes,  jars, and bottles will be easily visible to customers. This will help increase demand and sales.

Build Brand worth

The value of your product increases with custom cosmetic packaging designs. While different labels and formulas help build your product on the shelves, new and attractive product packaging helps increase brand awareness to stand out from the competition.

2.   Cosmetic tube manufacturer

The tube is manufactured through an extrusion process where the tube is drawn from solid stainless steel billet and extruded into a hollow form. Buildings are first burned and then constructed into a round oblong mold wrapped in a drill bit. When the tube is ready they filled with cosmetic products.

3.   Cosmetic tube wholesale

If you want to start a small cosmetic business of course you want a good in bulk. So, you should buy from the wholesale cosmetic tube market. In a wholesale market cosmetic products are sold at a reasonable price.

4.   Empty cosmetic tube

If you have your own cosmetic manufacturer company you should buy an empty cosmetic tube. You can easily filled with cosmetic products and sell on stores.

5.   Cosmetic soft tube

A soft plastic cosmetic tube with a custom-made hole can often be used for hand cream, shaving cream, skin scrubs, nourishing lotions, and other skincare products. Cosmetic tube materials can be LDPE, HDPE, and EVOH. The volume can be customized by changing the length of the tube, so for the same volume, you can have different sizes.

different sizes.

3 benefits of using cosmetic tube packaging

1.   Lower price

In every business budget is the most important thing. So, tube packaging is one of the cost-effective packaging solutions to choose from. Because of the ease and speed at which tubes can be produced on a large scale, production costs are much lower compared to other packaging materials and methods.

Because tube packaging can be produced quickly, cheaply and in large quantities by cosmetic tube manufacturers, new products can get on the shelf quickly.

2.   Eco-Friendly

Tubes allow you to do more with your product. From being able to fill in the gaps to the point where consumers can squeeze out all the last drops, tubes help reduce waste.

During production, any unused tube packaging can be reused or recycled. After-sales, more focus on PCR results in environmentally friendly packaging. The immature materials used to make squeeze cosmetic tube packaging are easy to use in nature, and this is something brands like to shout about.

3.   Usability

The tubes are incredibly easy for consumers, requiring only one hand and a little effort.

The tube dispersion process ensures the exact amount of product required is distributed. As long as the tube has the right lid to match the product, users can get the amount they want, without creating waste.


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