What are the most trending apps of 2022?

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The significant aftermath of the 2020 pandemic is the increase in the use of technology. After the tumultuous year of lockdowns wherein all the walks of life went virtual in every aspect, it was hard for app development to carry the momentum.

Apps that skyrocketed in fame and downloads during the pandemic, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, had to develop plans to maintain their position in the charts. However, as offices and educational institutes switched back to physical attendance, taking down the usage frequency of virtual office apps a tad bit down, social media ruled the app kingdom unopposed.

If you are curious about the top trending apps of 2022, then you have landed at the right place. Here, we discuss the apps you should be looking for and recommending this year. So, without further ado, let us dive in.

Trending Apps of 2022

1.  Gaming Apps

  • Genshin Impact

This game remains one of the best mobile gaming apps with top-notch visuals and gameplay. It is an action-packed RPG game with gacha mechanics that allows endless innovation in your gameplay, unlike other games in the same genre.

The developers of this game release newer versions periodically. However, if there is any significant change in the basic gameplay or action sequence, this game might lose its audience.

  • Big Barn World

Another best gaming app that tops the charts of most trending apps of 2022 is Big Barn World by AirG. According to AirG reviews Canada, whistle the world could not meet physically and had to do everything they could to keep in touch virtually, AirG evolved its classic farm game to a Social Farm for its users.

This interactive farming game instantly became a hit as it connected people over shared interests and goals. After playing with multiple users over time, players convert into a community that cares for each other.

  • XBOX

XBOX also remains unbeaten in this category during the year 2022. Offering more controls for the users, such as managing all of their gaming via one app, XBOX has won the hearts of gamers. Whether you want to buy new games or connect to the community, the XBOX gaming app provides a wide array of chat tools to stay connected all the time.

2.  Business Apps

  • Slack

One of the best and most articulated business apps during 2022 is Slack. It has countless helpful features that make team collaboration and communication very convenient for big and small companies alike. With Slack as your virtual office manager, you can quickly draft your daily to-do lists and create conversation spaces by choosing your preferred topics.

The most beneficial aspect of this app, which is also a significant contributor in trending it, is its synchronization with other popular cloud storage apps, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.

  • HotSchedules

Another trending business app that simplifies team collaboration and seamless communication is HotSchedules. It also has a helpful feature that lets users set automatic time-off and sign-in requests to make managing work-life balance convenient. Work from home, with all its advantages of working in your pajamas, also brought upon a significant issue of blurring the fine line between closing office work and concentrating on personal life.

With the time-off feature in this business app, your work-life balance is easily maintained while improving your productivity through synchronized calendars and notifications across all gadgets.

3.  Education Apps

  • Coursera

What could be better than earning a degree in your preferred field right from the comfort of home? It might be a choice before the fabled year of 2020; however, following the long-lasting lockdown that followed the pandemic, virtual education became a need of time. Coursera has never failed to keep up its fame and usefulness.

With complete lectures and video tutorials by honorable faculty members of the esteemed universities, you can access Coursera from anywhere across the globe. The paid courses and degrees offered by this app are also quite affordable.

  • Classplash

This music teaching app is trending for the right reasons during 2022. Music learning had never been more accessible before. Developed by the Classplash group, which has launched three more mobile applications other than this one, this educational app is steering music education in the right direction.

It has won two awards from Microsoft Corporation and is paving the way for learning musical instruments.

  • Proloquo2Go

Proloquo2Go is trending on the charts of educational apps this year as it easily qualifies as the best app for students with speech difficulties. This app improves communication skills and helps develop their language for enhanced proficiency.

One of the pre-eminent reasons users love this app and rate it highly is the wide range of customization options. You can customize your vocabulary building set to more than ten thousand words or completely personalize the app’s appearance.

5. Entertainment Apps

  • Netflix

Netflix has become synonymous with movie streaming and downloading. There is nothing you cannot find interesting on Netflix. It has redefined the meaning of an entertainment app as no other app in this category matches the bar set high by this app.

The developers of this app have mastered the art of winning billions of people’s hearts by suggesting movies, shows, and series based on previous watching history. It also has an option to set your watching preferences to be family-friendly and receive recommendations likewise.

  • Amazon Prime Video

If any app can qualify to be considered a competitor of Netflix, then it is Amazon Prime Video. This app requires no introduction as it is one of the hottest trending apps for binge-watching popular movies, TV shows, and original series. With a vast and daily updated content library, Amazon Prime Video never disappoints its users.

6. Social Apps

  • Facebook

Although TikTok comes to mind whenever someone reminds us of those dark and dreary lockdown times, Facebook still tops the charts. Even celebrities took to their social media to connect with their fans and encouraged them to stay home.

However, data reveals how Facebook remains the top downloaded and trending social app of 2022. People from all age brackets use Facebook as a social media platform for connecting and entertainment purposes. It has about 2.7 billion daily users.

  • Signal

The signal is one of the best secure messaging apps for texts, photos, videos, group chats, and voice messages advocated by cybersecurity experts. This social media app tops the yearly ranking of WhatsApp as it offers more security and privacy.

In times when your slightest click on the internet is tracked, the Signal app comes as a fresh breeze to put a stop to your worries. Signal manages to keep all your conversations private and lets you share photos, videos, and much more.

7.  Food and Drinks App

  • Ubereats

Numerous restaurants list a wide range of cuisines to order food. The best feature of this app is that it allows users to track the order. This feature helps you know when your order is due so that you stay updated about the status of your food.

  • Instacart

Instacart app is a highly efficient app that lets you order groceries at home. It saves you a great deal from the hassle of planning a grocery trip with kids and carrying a big load inside the house. There is also an exciting option of group carts in the app wherein you can shop groceries with friends and coworkers.

The gadget is Your New Friend

As the world is slowly becoming virtual, mobile phones and apps have become more of a necessity than a luxury. From setting important reminders to conducting large group meetings, apps help you organize your life and keep you entertained. The ratings of the top trending apps change periodically, and thus, app developers are always dedicatedly working for keeping their ratings high.

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