What Are the Functions of Knee Pads?

There are three points in the choice of basketball knee pads: one is braking, the other is heat preservation, and the third is health care Foot Locker Discount Code NHS.

  1. Braking: Because the violent movement of basketball can easily cause the patella to be pulled away from the original position, which will cause diseases of the knee joint, so when choosing knee pads, you should choose good braking performance.
  2. This can protect your knee more effectively. In addition, wearing a knee pad with good braking performance can fix the patella in a relatively stable position to reduce the chance of injury.
  3. Heat preservation: General knee pads will have a heat preservation effect. The heat preservation performance should be moderate, not too hot or too cold. At the same time of heat preservation, you should also pay attention to air permeability.
  4. Health care: In terms of health care, you should choose knee pads with an energy layer of far-infrared negative ions. Such knee pads can cause the resonance of subcutaneous biomolecules in the knee, and then make the deep tissue heat up, and play the role of promoting blood circulation, improving microcirculation, and relaxing meridians and activating collaterals.
  5. The key to playing basketball is comfortable knee pads that don’t accumulate sweat, especially in summer when you sweat easily, so we also need to consider knee pads with strong air permeability, so that it is not easy to get joint diseases due to sweat accumulation.

Extended information

Sports protective gear classification

Generally, it can be divided into head protector, shoulder protector, hand protector, elbow protector, wrist protector, waist protector, leg protector, knee protector, ankle protector, combination sports protector and other sports protector.  

The following is a brief introduction to several protective gear

  1. Helmet: Speed roller skaters must wear hard-shell helmets during competitions to ensure safety. At this stage, helmets are generally made of hard plastic (ABS engineering plastics) materials, and the styles are more beautiful and the colors are different.
  2. Elbow pads and knee pads: Elbow pads and knee pads are protective devices to prevent elbows and knees from falling, and are designed to wear soft pads or hard shells. In order to reduce the weight of the equipment, the designer designed the elbow pads and knee pads to be more compact, beautiful, convenient and practical.
  3. Protective glasses: Protective glasses are auxiliary equipment used to protect the eyes. The main function is to prevent eye damage from strong light and wind and sand. The protective glasses have the characteristics of transparency, good elasticity and are not easy to break.

Promote blood circulation

In winter, wear thick knee pads, which can promote the blood circulation of the human body and prevent rheumatism of the legs and feet.

prevent arthritis

Wearing knee pads for the elderly can prevent the occurrence of arthritis and other symptoms, and young people should not be afraid of the cold and walk on the floor, so that when they are old, problems will come to their door.

Treat rheumatism

  1. Knee pads also have the effect of treating rheumatic diseases, if you have rheumatic diseases in your legs and feet
  2. Knee pads are even more important in winter to avoid aggravating symptoms.

Avoid injury

When exercising Foot Locker Discount Code NHS, wear knee pads to avoid hurting your knees when you fall.


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  • Knee pads refer to an item used to protect people’s knees. It has the functions of sports protection, cold protection and warmth preservation, and joint maintenance.
  • Knee pads are used sometimes inside the pants and sometimes outside. The advantage of placing it inside is that it has good stability and can play the role of “braking” to the greatest extent.
  • The advantage of using it outside is that it is easy to wear and adjust, but the braking performance will be reduced

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How to Wear Knee Braces in Winter

In the case of very cold winter Foot Locker Discount Code NHS, we can actually wear knee pads to protect our knees, and the method of wearing knee pads is very simple, let’s take a look


  • Let’s first adjust the position of the knee pads on the hands, and adjust them forward and backward
  • Then put your foot through the wide opening, with the wide opening at the top and the narrow opening at the bottom Sanitation Towel 
  • Then straighten the leg, pull the knee pad to the knee, and adjust the position
  • In this way, we will pass on the knee pads. We no longer have to worry about cold knees in winter

How to choose knee pads

For sports enthusiasts, no matter whether it is a severe cold or hot summer. It will not hinder their persistence and love for sports. For outdoor sports every day, it is necessary to protect yourself and do sports protection in advance.

Knee pads are essential for self-defense. Many friends want to buy knee pads. I have seen too many brands and styles in sporting goods stores or Taobao. Hope it can help everyone. Adidas Discount Code NHS 

  1. There is no universal model, because the thickness of each person’s legs is different
  2. Second, look at the purpose of your knee pads.  The rehabilitation type is aimed at some athletes who still insist on training with a large amount of exercise to protect the damaged parts even though their muscles have been damaged. The rehabilitation type is generally more expensive because of its strong pertinence.
  3. Again, it depends on the material. Inferior materials will break down in a short time. They will be harmful to the skin. Prickly heat and allergies will appear, and you get what you pay for. Good-quality knee pads, anti-rheumatism, arthritis, anti-fall, fine texture, soft, good thermal performance. Wear it outside in winter to protect your knees from arthritis. 
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