What Accommodations are in Hobart Tasmania

Accommodations are in Hobart

Hotels, Resorts, and Accommodations 

When planning a trip to Hobart, one of the most important factors is your accommodation. While trying to enjoy a delightful place like Hobart, you don’t want to combine amazing, life-changing experiences with a poor hotel. After touring Mount Wellington, for example, the day loses its special feeling when you go back to a terrible accommodation. 

Fortunately, you’ll find some fantastic options to complement your trip to Hobart. This means the sort of hotels and accommodations that make days even better rather than detracting from them! 

Where should you stay? Well, this all depends on your budget and the type of trip that you want. With around two million people visiting Hobart each year, you’ll find everything from budget stays to luxury accommodation

In terms of popular hotels, just some of the suggestions include MACq 01 (often boasts the best rating on accommodation websites), Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart, ibis Styles Hobart, Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel, Wrest Point, and Waterfront Lodge Motel. 

Thankfully, Hobart is home to high-quality hotels, resorts, and other types of accommodation. As an example, Airbnb and similar websites have grown in recent years. If you haven’t seen them before, homeowners put either rooms or whole properties up for rent for short periods. While some people prefer to stay in hotels, others like the thought of a more homely trip, and this is available with whole homes on Airbnb. 

Parking and Walking Around Town 

Like many major cities, you’ll find lots of on-street and off-street parking when visiting Hobart. For a longer stop, the best option is one of the many multi-storey car parks. Ultimately, you’ll choose the car park that suits your destination. With the advanced new systems, you can pay for parking using cash or card as well as through the EasyPark smartphone app. 

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One of the best things about Hobart is the live parking availability dashboard; this interactive map will tell you the availability of parking spots in the Hobart Central Car Park, Centrepoint Car Park, and Argyle Street Car Park. By looking at this map, you can plan your journey and approach a parking facility while confident that you’ll find a space for your vehicle. 

These are the three major multi-storey car parks in Hobart and they each provide you with a great location to start your walk around town. Regardless of the car park you choose, you’ll be close to Franklin Square, Salamanca Market, and Battery Point. If you want to be closer to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and North Hobart, you’ll find smaller car parks in these areas. This being said, the distance between Argyle Street Car Park and the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is only around 30 minutes when walking. 

When visiting Hobart, you’ll quickly realise that all the major sights are relatively close to one another. As a small city, Hobart somehow manages to combine the countryside, seaside, and city all into one location. Wherever you choose to stay, you’re close to forested areas, the waterfront, and the CBD (central business district). 

While Hobart is the capital city, don’t think that you’re about to visit a city the size of New York or Sydney. Instead, Hobart is much smaller than most cities and this means that you aren’t restricted to certain areas in terms of location. Even if you choose West Hobart for the cheaper accommodation, you’re still only a handful of minutes away from all the sights. 

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