Weapons in New World Game

Weapons in New World Game

Using weapons in games has become a usual system that gives players the ability to gain mastery points and unlock various skills and buffs. Players may select up to three weapon skills that become accessible while that weapon is loaded, and they have two weapon spaces that they can swap between without having to go through menus. Though you may swap weapons at any time, it’s best to specialize on two and put your points into them, especially because the talents towards the end of each weapon’s talent trees are very strong. Each weapon scales off of a single major attribute, with some scaling off of a secondary attribute as well. It’s crucial to assign points to fit the selected load out as he progresses and accumulates attribute scores.

It’s best if both weapons scale with the same qualities when choosing which to use, however, there are methods around this — for example, amber gems convert a part of a weapon’s damage to nature damage, which scales off Focus. This implies that if a player invests in a high Focus Life Staff, he will reap the benefits of that investment when doing damage with the other weapon. It’s also a good idea to have at least one ranged weapon on hand in case of escaping or ranged adversaries. Every weapon in the New World may be used in both PvP and PvE, although they are better suited to various scenarios. They also fit various playstyles, therefore we encourage players test out each weapon to see how they enjoy it.

Great Axe

The Great Axe is a powerful two-handed weapon with a wide range of crowd control, damage, and mobility options. During the closed beta, there was a flaw that caused it to do double damage, but even without it, the Great Axe shines in a variety of situations. It also has better tracking than other melee weapons, which means you can attack adversaries even if you’re slightly out of range.

Sword and Shield

The Sword and Board is ideal for tanking since it generates a lot of danger through blocking. Many tanks used it alongside the Life Staff in the beta and put a lot of points into Constitution. It’s not the finest PvP combo, but it’s fantastic in dungeons and might be the key to creating the best New World tank build.

Life Staff

The only weapon that can heal is the Life Staff. This is, of course, vitally essential in any situation, from PvP to dungeons to levelling. It’s not a pretty damaging weapon, thus it’s not ideal for 1v1 PvP battles, but if you’ve specced into Focus, you may equip a gem that transforms a percentage of the secondary weapon’s damage into nature damage.


The Hatchet is a powerful weapon that should be included in every load out, and it was the torment of every player during the alpha. Aside from decent base damage, the Berserk talent is incredibly powerful, offering you a 20% loss boost and, at later levels, a self-heal, allowing you to stay alive for longer. Because self-heal is dependent on a percentage, people with a high Constitution will do even greater.

Ice Gauntlet

The Ice Gauntlet is an excellent all-rounder with exceptional crowd management and damage. Ice Shower roots adversaries for one second and then prohibits sprinting and evading, allowing players to follow up with Ice Storm to slow them down even more and deliver even more damage. In PvP, players have begun using the Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff together to even greater effect. Entombed is also a wonderful ability since it renders a player invulnerable for a short period of time while simultaneously providing massive mana recovery. He can even triumphantly break out of it and inflict harm on foes in his immediate vicinity.

Fire Staff

The Fire Staff is particularly good at large-scale PvP, such as conflicts. It can be difficult to level up the fire staff enough to gain improved mana management, as he frequently runs out of juice. The staff causes tremendous amounts of damage once he has spent the effort to unlock all of its abilities and develop the greatest New World fire staff setups.

War Hammer

The War Hammer is a sluggish weapon with no gap closer, but it has excellent crowd management. This makes it great for PvE but not so much for PvP. Players that use the War Hammer with a Life Staff can easily solo a lot of PvE content since they can mow down foes and heal any harm they take.


The Rapier excels at doing quickly, single-target damage. While swishing and swooshing your way about is entertaining, the bleed tree is unimpressive, thus most players will go for the Grace tree. There isn’t much in the way of crowd control, but there is lots of mobility, and the ability to avoid and deflect blows makes this one of the greatest weapons for taking down adversaries one-on-one. If players opt to spec into this weapon, there are a few of the greatest New World rapier builds.


The Bow is decent in huge PvP, but we prefer the Musket for that since it has higher burst damage — the Bow does, however, have the edge in PvE. There are lots of devastating talents to smash adversaries with, but hitting your missiles across great distances might be challenging.


The Musket’s usage will vary depending on the player; some have found it difficult to master. It’s a hitscan weapon, so you don’t have to lead the bullets, but you do need to strike those headshots on a regular basis to do enough damage. There is no use in bothering if a player is incapable of doing so. The Musket’s range is amazing if he’s a strong shot, and it’s useful for group PvP like Wars. With the Powder Burn talent, the weapon may do damage over time, and the Traps skill can hold adversaries away.


The Spear is known for destroying everything in its path, which is entertaining in any situation. It has a solid stun in Vault Kick and provides fair damage. In adversaries may easily avoid Sweep, but if and when you do catch them, coupling the Spear with a weapon like a Musket is a good way to finish them out in a 1v1 battle.

By Arslan Shah

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