Veracity Markets Review: Things to Be Aware Of

Veracity Markets Review: Things to Be Aware Of

Veracity Markets is a broker that welcomes prospective customers with a professional website that boasts high leverage, a professional trading platform, and a guarantee that trades are completed quickly and efficiently. This isn’t a bad impression, and the broker proved very professional. Let us discuss our thoughts about the trading experience we had with veracity markets review:

Training and Education of Veracity Markets

Education refers to all the educational materials, and tools brokers provide that are essential for traders who want to trade actions, especially novices. They provide traders with the required information they require to be successful traders.

In addition to providing an account demo and an FAQ section, there are no other educational tools on the broker’s website. Veracity Markets provides traders with the platform. It is the preferred platform for many traders of forex and CFD due to the wide array of capabilities and features built-in.

Advantages of Veracity

·         It offers various trading accounts suitable for professional and retail traders.

·         There aren’t any Re-quotes. This means that transactions take place without a deal centre and are based on the actual prices of the liquidity suppliers.

·         It has a leverage of 1:500 across every type of account it offers.

·         24/7 assistance through Live Chat on the site and the Personal Account.

·         There is a chance of withdrawing funds from popular electronic wallets like Skill, Bit coin.

·         Clients’ funds are held in separate accounts at the major banks.

Demerits of Veracity

·         Although it has many wonderful options, it might not provide the most appealing conditions for new and novice traders.

·         You must find out the details on your own because there’s no education information and glossary available on the broker’s website or videos with tutorials that novices can access.

·         The company doesn’t provide analytics, research tools, or news, meaning traders must do most of the work themselves.

Costs and Fees, Commissions, and Spreads

When looking at a broker, it is essential to examine the costs. They usually depend on many variables, such as spreads commissions, margins, and spread requirements.

Spread is the price difference between the bid and asking price expressed in pips. It is the smallest amount that could be moved upwards or downwards.

Veracity Markets review margin requirement refers to the amount of capital the trader needs to put in at launching the transaction or within their trading account to secure the transaction. The amount can be reduced by a significant amount when leverage is employed.

There are no commission fees on the standard account as well as the fixed accounts. But, with an ECN account, you’ll be charged a minimum of $7 per lot for trading metals and forex.

Is Veracity Markets Legit?

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This broker is brand new, and its legitimacy will only be verified periodically. A broker is legitimate if they do not have any withdrawal issues and are monitored by a reputable financial regulator. They should also offer real ECN and STP trading conditions, as opposed to acting as market makers who alter trades at the expense of their customers.

The broker provides the MT4 platform accessible as a desktop application available for Windows or Mac computers, a web-based trading terminal, and an app for mobile devices on Android and iOS devices.

In the main, desktop terminals like the MT4 desktop terminal can run automated trading platforms. However, it needs to be running for it to do this. However, the MT4 application cannot run trading robots; however, it is the perfect solution for those who prefer trading with the convenience of the go without having to turn on the traditional desktop PC.

Review about Veracity Markets Accounts

Veracity Markets have a choice of trading accounts that accommodate the needs of individual customers. The accounts you can select from are three types: Standard, Fixed Pro, and ECN Accounts. The choice you make is likely to be based on the size of your investment and whether you prefer spreads that are low and commission charges or not paying commissions and using an increase in spread.

1.     Standard Account

The basic account is suitable if you wish to test the broker and see how it goes. This is an option for those who don’t necessarily have a particular trading style and don’t care too much about the size of the spreads.

2.     Fixed Pro

If you’re using a trading strategy based heavily on fixed spreads, then this might be the perfect account suitable for you. It is not a commission-free option, but that isn’t bad as spreads are marked up and consequently more expensive than normal.

3.     ECN Accounts

It offers a balanced balance between fair spreads and competitive commission charges. The spreads aren’t the cheapest.

4.     Demo Accounts

If you’re new to or don’t have previous experience in trading online, the demo account is an excellent place to begin. You will get a taste of trading using the MT4 platform and try out various strategies. Veracity Markets demo accounts are free, and there’s no limit on the number you can use.


1.     Is Veracity Markets A Scam?

No. However, even though Veracity Markets is still a relatively new competitor in the field of trading but the platform isn’t an enigma. It’s monitored by the South African financial watchdog, the FCSA. Additionally, it guarantees that clients’ funds are secure with separate accounts from companies’ funds.

2.     Is There Any Veracity Markets Demo?

Veracity Markets allows users to practice trading using an account demo with its MT4 online trader. It allows traders to test trade on this platform before they fund their accounts with money.

3.     Is It True That Veracity Markets Have Binary Options?

No. Veracity Markets does not offer binary options trading at present.

4.     What’s The Veracity Market Bonus Agreement?

The veracity market requires that users deposit at least R2000 to be eligible for the guarantee of a 100% bonus on deposits. The benefit is the profit potential, and bonus cash can be withdrawn.

Veracity Markets Review Conclusion

Veracity Markets review is that it is licensed trading broker that provides access to trade over 250 financial instruments on the MT4 trading platform. The broker provides a 24-hour customer support service to help traders. Several trading accounts require a minimum deposit of just $10.


By Arslan Shah

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