Understanding Your Options While Working With A Debt Relief Company


It is understood that debt can make life difficult as it involves worries about missing payments. In such challenging times, you can approach debt relief companies that will help you in negotiating the settlements on unsecured debts like credit card bills or medical loans.

What is a debt relief company?

A debt relief company also known as a

promise to help with their services to people who are burdened with debt. These companies are for-profit businesses that charge you to negotiate on your behalf with your creditors or the lenders to whom you owe money. Their main aim is to get creditors to accept less than the entire amount in exchange for settling the debt.

Looking for the best reviews of debt relief companies

If you want to check the reviews of the best debt relief companies then visit the website of Demo Dirt. This is a media website where you will get a complete review of the top debt consolidation companies and get to see what ratings the company has got. Check for Credit Associates Review which is a professional debt relief company operating since 2016.

Dirt Demo compares the best products and services and makes recommendations to help you make the best possible informed decisions. They have experts who compare the best debt consolidation products and services according to different categories. You can check the solid and blunt reviews about another debt relief company, Tripoint Lending to understand how valuable are the reviews of Demo Dirt.

How do debt relief companies work?

Debt relief companies like Credit Associates often try all possibilities of lowering your outstanding debt but as a rule, they can’t help with debts that are secured by collateral such as home mortgages and car loans. The company usually offers a program for settling your debt with the creditors without charging any upfront fee.

  • They will only make the payment if they are successful in negotiating the agreement with your creditors.
  • This performance-based fee structure is quite typical for debt relief services.
  • They usually try to settle your debt issue within 24-36 months.
  • If they are successful in their negotiations with your creditors, you will be asked to pay a single payment every month to the debt relief company.
  • This amount is then distributed among your creditors.

If the debt is about paying your credit card bills, your credit card accounts will be closed. In most cases, you cannot use your credit card until the payment plan gets over. Debt relief companies do not affect your credit scores but once your account is closed, it does affect your scores. You can re-apply for credit again once you have completed the plan.

Therefore, it is important to pick a debt relief firm that is accredited by the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) or the National Foundation for Credit Counselling.

Check for the points

The debt relief industry has fraudsters who are eager to take even the little money you have. Therefore, check for these points before entering a program:

  • Things you need to qualify.
  • The fees you will be paying.
  • Check your payment is going to the right creditor.
  • The implications of tax.


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