Understanding the ABC of Beauty Habits for Healthy and Supple Skin

Healthy and Supple Skin

Let’s be real, keeping up with the healthy lifestyle is a daunting task. We experiment with different products, follow the latest beauty trend that Instagram but still can’t get through the flawless skin. We all love those pampering moments where we spent our precious time in making our skin silky, smooth and looking after the body to feel better and look amazing. Nobody intentionally wants to mess up their beauty or skin care routine, however, it’s worth taking the time and check if you are following your regimen correctly or not.

The way our daily life, tight work schedules and personal responsibilities take our maximum time, it can be hard to follow the proper beauty routine. We all might be making some beauty mistakes hindering our skin’s glow and health that we are totally unaware of. To take your daily routine on the right track, here are few beauty habits that you need to stop and what you can do to fix them.

Beauty Habits to Avoid In Daily Routine

Touching Face and Picking Acne

Whether it is a small pimple, healed wound or acne; that urge to pop the bumps can be uncontrollable sometimes. Every time you touch your sensitive skin full of acne marks, you are constantly transferring bacteria to and from the skin, clogging your pores with dirt that leads to breakout of the acne. If you break through the surface of your acne, it can develop into a wound and leave behind marks that don’t go off easily.

Using Dirty Towels and Make-up Tools 

Another habit that you love should be broken for your own good which is using dirty towels and make-up tool sets. We all tend to wipe off our face as soon as we wash it and an already used towel is the first thing that we grab. Most of the times these towels are wet or soggy and if left unattended can lead to clogged pores and skin breakouts. Likewise, using unwashed Make-up Brushes with product build-up can lead to face irritation and infection.

Layering Skin Care Products Incorrectly 

Layering Skin Care Products Incorrectly

Not following the right order of a skin care routine may hamper the products from deep layers of the skin. Hence, while layering the steps of skincare, always begin with cleansing your face to get off the heap of dirt, make-up, oil and sweat. Invest in a toner that should be used after cleansing to maintain the PH balance of the skin followed by applying any moisturizing cream to keep the skin soft, hydrated and radiant. Not following the right process may result in skin becoming dull and prevent the Face Cleansing Tools and products from serving their purpose.

Forgetting to Treat Blackheads 

Forgetting to Treat Blackheads 

As much as we love the feeling of having clear and spotless face, we often forget that in order to maintain the flawless skin, you need to exfoliate regularly. There are a lot of things that can happen if you don’t clean and exfoliate the face including blackheads. These tiny spots developing on the forehead nose and chin area take away the glow of the face and texture becomes patchy. Thus in order to make your skin look youthful and soft, look for a good quality Blackhead Remover that extracts blackheads with ease and clears all the clogged pores.

Skipping Nail Care Routine

Skipping Nail Care Routine

If your nails have turned brittle and uneven then the major reason could be your ignorance towards nail care. Well groomed and shaped nails does not only add style quotient but also makes them strong. Using right Manicure Tool kit and following pro nail care tips at home protects the cuticles from becoming chapped and brittle. You can begin with using a Nail Filing Tool to maintain the uniform length and save them from breaking. Trim the nails regularly and shape the edges of the nails to give them well defined finish.

If you have missed out any of these beauty habits, it’s time include them in your daily routine!

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