Understand The Science behind Car Headlights and Their Working

Understand The Science behind Car Headlights and Their Working

During their initial years, the headlight of the car resembled a lamp. The light consisted of an enclosed acetylene flame. Moreover, the driver had to light the acetylene flame manually. However, car headlights became standard on most vehicles during the early 1900s.  

Nowadays, vehicles come with headlights that are brighter and more durable. The best headlight bulb for car comprises multiple facets, making driving at night safer. Headlights ensure that you have good visibility. Good quality car lights also allow other people and motorists to see your vehicle from a distance. 

If you are passionate about online car accessories shopping, always try to buy top-quality headlights. Most vehicles come with standard halogen lights. But there are plenty of high-performance lights which can increase your visibility in the dark. 

You’ll come across many options for replacement headlights. From energy-efficient variations to headlight and fog light combos, purchasing the best headlight is imperative. Based on where you are driving, it is worth taking the time to research the best lights for your vehicle. 

Most people don’t give much importance to their vehicle’s headlights until they stop working. Do you know how to increase visibility and decrease the glare with headlights? Which types of lights are ideal to use during fog and rain? It is imperative to know how the lights in your car work. 

Thorough knowledge about the working mechanism of your car’s headlights will allow you to undertake minor repairs. Let’s throw some light on the various types of headlights and the purpose they serve. 

Some General Car Headlights and their Types

Usually, there are three types of vehicle headlights. Incandescent lamps use a filament which produces light when heated by electricity. Note that incandescent lamps consume a large amount of energy and are uncommon in modern-day cars. 

Halogen headlamps are more effective than incandescent lamps. In incandescent bulbs, there was more wastage of energy. On the contrary, halogen lamps are energy efficient. High-Intensity Discharge car headlights are the latest headlamps on the market. They are durable and energy-efficient, which makes them a popular choice.     

The Evolution of Car Headlamps 

If you are shopping for car headlamps, it is common to come across terms like LEDs, projectors and lasers. 

And it isn’t some event organiser’s material list, but the rapidly advancing headlight technology. If you are a first-time car owner, it is crucial to be aware of these terms. Let’s take a glance at some of the popular car headlights present in modern vehicles. 

Halogen Headlamps 

As stated above, halogen headlamps were the perfect alternative to incandescent lamps. But nowadays, they are not the best headlamps available. A halogen bulb is pretty similar to an electric bulb present in any household. However, the halogen bulb relies on halogen gas to increase brightness. 

There is energy wastage in halogen lights, too, as that’s why car manufacturers are switching to newer alternatives. Furthermore, this headlamp illumination technology is more than fifty years old.      

Xenon Headlamps 

Xenon headlamps are pretty similar to the tube lights present in our homes. Xenon car headlights are more popular and energy-efficient when compared to halogen lamps. 

Known as High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps, they don’t rely on filaments. Instead, these headlamps use xenon gas to produce a bluish-white light which closely resembles natural light. Note that xenon headlamps take some time to emit light at full brightness. 

LED Projector Headlamps 

If you want day-like illumination while driving in the dark, invest in LED projector car headlights. LED projector lamps are increasingly becoming popular among many carmakers. They are efficient, durable and consume less energy. 

LED projector lamps don’t overload your car’s battery and can produce up to 15000 lumens of light. Projector headlamps rely on projector lens technology which creates a high intensity of light beams on the road. LED lights have a greater lifespan over both xenon and halogen. 

LED projector lamps are also suitable for any type of weather conditions. The projector-like light beams emitted from the headlamps can help you see over long stretches of the road.     

Daytime Running Lights or DRLs

The primary function of DRLs is to increase your vehicle’s visibility. DRLs can also make your car headlights seem more appealing. Moreover, DRLs play a crucial role in augmenting the safety of pedestrians.

Laser-powered Headlamps

Laser headlamps are unarguably one of the most expensive headlamps present on the market. They are also technologically advanced. These headlights function by energising gas with the help of lasers. If you want crystal clear visibility, invest in laser headlamps. 

Laser headlamps can also throw light up to 600 metres. The installation of laser lights can make a car costly. But if you need customisations, you can always ask the manufacturer to add them to your car.      

Car manufacturers are integrating headlamps which can save energy and illuminate roads properly. In the present-day headlight technology, the onus is mainly on energy efficiency and bright illumination. You can now shop for your favourite variety of car headlights from CarOrbis. Carorbis has a large selection of vehicle headlights ideal for any driving condition


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