Types Of Paper Bags That Businesses Can Invest In For Packaging 

From a brown lunch bag to branded logo bags, there is a perfect paper bag for almost every occasion. That’s why paper shopping bags have become one of the most popular types of packaging options by bands and businesses. Some other reasons to pick it as your packaging is that it is eco-friendly, lightweight, and most importantly, easy to customize. Any type of color and print can be easily used on paper bags. Every business has different requirements from its packaging, customization gives you a chance to do whatever you want till you finally achieve the perfect packaging look that compliments your brand. This item of utility is available in lots of different types, some of them are mentioned below.  


S.O.S bags 

The S.O.S bags are mostly used by children or office people who carry lunch with them. These kinds of bags are preferred for carrying lunch as you can fill them with food, drinks, and treats for yourself. They are recognized by their brown color but for a modern flair, they are coming in many different colors. 

Pinch-bottom bags 

These kinds of bags look really similar to an envelope and it can be used to pack small things. Pinch bottom bags are designed in such a way that they remain open if something is put inside the bag. It is best for dry and baked products. It always comes with a tapered end and gives an envelope-like seal with great resistance. 

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Merchandise bags  

The name says it all that these kinds of bags are used by business enterprises. So no one can doubt that they are of high quality. Both small and big retail stores use these types of paper bags to promote their business. Many online stores have also started to sell custom merchandise bags and with some customization, these paper shopping bags become eye-catching and impressive for everyone. 

Euro tote 

It is also known as a sophisticated lunch bag and its designs are really similar to S.O.S bags. The only difference is that it comes with fancy handles with customized branding and a wide range of surface finishes. This is a paper bag but if you talk about recycling then you have to think twice because of the plastic lining and metalized inks used in manufacturing them. These bags are durable and can be used many times. 

Simple brown kraft paper bags 

These are the most commonly used paper bags. They are used in departmental stores and supermarkets, mainly to store various kinds of grocery items. These are made of simple brown kraft paper and the bottom is reinforced with another sheet of paper only. It’s not very durable but a person can use it till the time it wears out. 

Party bags 

Party bags or paper gift bags are used to give someone like sweets gift cards on any occasion like a birthday festival or bachelorette to your near and dear ones. To make them look attractive companies use glossy sheets and some cool stickers. They are really durable and one can use them again and again. 

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When choosing paper shopping bags for your packaging, you can pick options from this list.  

Paper has no real competing product. Plastic bags, once regarded as a substitute for paper bags have lost their market over time. Moreover, the establishment of consumer stores and shopping malls has further increased the demand for paper bags.

The quality of your products and eventually the profits; depend on the raw material used. Paper bags with outstanding quality and fine texture can boost your competitive advantages and steal the focus of the market. Therefore, the appropriate quality, as well as quantity of raw materials, should be ensured.

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