Two Quick Ways to Make Your Own Candles

Own Candles

People have been using candles for a very long time. Before electric lighting, candle making supplies were a standard in households. It can be fun and rewarding to make candles yourself. 

Here are some quick and easy ways to make candles:

Why Make Your Own Candles?

If you make your own candles, you can be sure that you are using safe, clean ingredients. There’s no reason to trade air purity for a nice scent.

With homemade candles, you have creative control. You can decide what scents, colors, and shapes you want. Candle making is a fun hobby, and it’s a great artistic skill to have. You can save money on your own candles, and they make good gifts for others.

Candle Making Methods

Dipped Candles

Dipped candles are made by dipping a long wick, usually on both ends, into a pot of melted wax. Picture the tall, thin candles that go in candelabras or on candlesticks.

To make a dipped candle, put your wax in a pot that is deep enough for the length that you want your candle to be. Fill up another pot around the same size halfway with water. Bring that water to a simmer and place the pot with wax on top of it. 

Once the wax has melted, cut a piece of wick long enough for two candles, one on each end, with enough space between them for you to hold the wick. Attach a weight of some kind to each end of the wick. Dip the ends in the wax, wait for it to harden, and dip again. After the wax hardens the second time, dip the wick in a bowl of cold water. 

Finish the candle by continuing to alternate between the wax and the cold water until the candles reach the size you want. After they are finished, hang the candles so they don’t touch each other and leave them for a day to harden. When the candles have fully hardened, you can cut off the weights and re-dip the ends so they are smooth. 

This is an easy and quick way to make a candle. You can layer different colors of wax, so more colors are exposed as the candle melts. Even though the candles need a day to set, the actual process of making them doesn’t take very long. 

Poured Candles

Another way to make candles is to pour them. For poured candles, you can use a candle mold or a jar. With this method, you can simply melt your wax in the microwave. To pour a candle, place your wick where you want it in the mold or jar and hold it taut. You can hold it in your hand, or you can attach it to a dowel rod (or similar object) resting on the top of the vessel. Then, pour the wax to the desired level. 

As the candle cools, a depression will likely form around the wick. When this happens, stick a thin dowel rod down in that depression. This will help air bubbles escape. Then, fill the space a little over halfway with wax, wait 45 minutes, and fill it the rest of the way. Like dipped candles, poured candles need at least a full day to harden. 

Pouring candles is probably the single quickest way to make them, especially if you use a jar. Pouring takes less time than dipping, and when a jar candle is finished, it’s ready to go! If you use a mold, you’ll have the extra step of releasing the candle from the mold when it’s hardened. 

Candle Making Supplies

Now that you know a couple of quick methods, you’ll need some candle making supplies. There is a wide range of supplies out there, but there are a few basic building blocks. You’ll need wax. Soy wax and beeswax work great for both dipped and poured candles. You may need jars (if you’re pouring jar candles) and wicks. Wicks come in several lengths and materials, and some of them are pre-weighted, making them easier to use. You may want to use a color or a scent, so you’ll need fragrance oil and colored wax to mix with your soy wax or beeswax. 

By Zain Liaquat

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