Triphala Is A Natural Laxative – Relief For Constipation


Constipation is a very common problem related to the stomach. Elderly people and people with poor diets suffer from constipation. It is a condition when people suffer from less than 3 bowel movements per week, difficult or painful bowel movements and a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen. Do not get constipated easily. It can be a serious problem if it goes long. To overcome constipation, a laxative is used. The laxative is a substance of natural or synthetic origin that accelerates the movement and excretion of intestinal contents. It shows a powerful effect on the digestive system and increases bowel movement in the body. Laxatives like Triphala juice stimulate bowel movement and help to clear the digestive tract. A laxative is not only used in constipation, but it is also used in infrequent, difficult, and sometimes painful bowel movements.

Reduced physical activity, stress, dehydration, a low-fibre diet, and a sedentary lifestyle are all risk factors for constipation in otherwise healthy people. Stool hardness and difficulties passing stool less than three times per week are symptoms of the disorder. Laxatives impact the motility of the small and large intestines by stimulating the motor and secretory functions of mechanoreceptors in the intestinal wall. They prevent intestinal contents from being reabsorbed, resulting in a fast increase in faecal bulk volume.

There are many natural and chemical-based laxatives available that people use in their regular life. According to Ayurveda, many herbs and plants are perfect to relieve digestive problems and support constipation. Natural laxative products are not addictive and are totally safer to use in regular use as well as frequent use. 

As said, there are many ayurvedic herbs and plants as natural laxatives. Triphala products are the most effective native laxative. Triphala is not a plant or herb. It is a preparation made by three types of the herb named Amla, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki.

  • Amla- Emblica Officinalis Gaertn or Indian Gooseberry.
  • Bibhitaki- Terminalia bellirica or Behada. 
  • Haritaki- Terminalia chebula or Hared.

All these three ingredients work individually for the digestive and intestinal tract. Let’s know about them separately-

  • Amla is a very famous fruit in India. Vitamin C and antioxidants are abundant. It is also known as a powerful antioxidant fruit. It is able to reduce oxidative stress and eliminate toxins from the stomach and intestine. Amla is very effective to boost bowel movement, etc.
  • Bibhitaki contains types of compounds named ellagic acid, tannins, lignans, and flavones. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Bibhitaki is also good for the stomach ulcer, reduce inflammation and support better metabolism 
  • Haritaki: Haritaki contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is good to reduce stomach acidity, stomach ulcer, pain and many stomach problems. Ayurveda suggests the use of haritaki for better stomach health.

Triphala Benefits for Stomach

As discussed, there are many advantages of using the Triphala for the stomach and intestinal tract. Following are the benefits of using the Triphala juice or power in the morning time.

Overcome Constipation: To overcome constipation or long-standing constipation, Triphala is best. Its ingredients fight and clean the internal waste of the body. It softens the stool and makes it pass more easily. If you have a regular constipation problem, then it is recommended to use Triphala juice or powder on a regular basis.

Rejuvenates Gastric Tissues: As Triphala is anti-inflammatory in nature due to amla or haritaki, it reduces the inflammation from the body and rejuvenates the inner tissues of the stomach and intestine. Rejuvenating the stomach and intestine tissue and walls also helps to calm the stomach, reduce bloating and many other problems. So, consume triphala juice or powder with a glass of warm water.

Boost Metabolism: A better metabolism is required for better digestive health. Triphala is able to boost the metabolism in the body and comfort the digestive system for better health. Having a small quantity of Triphala at night will improve and regulate bowel movement. With the increase in metabolism, Triphala also strengthens the colon tissue and walls as well as stops the gathering of unwanted fat in the body. Hence, it is also believed that Triphala is effective in weight management.

Body Detoxification: Having powerful antioxidants, Triphala has detoxification properties. It removes the unwanted and toxic substances from the body as well as works to clean the unwanted waste from the colon and digestive tract. You can get rid of harmful toxins. It is also helpful to remove the dead cess as well as purify the blood and liver. Liver health is also linked with better digestion and stomach health.

Increase the volume of faeces: The laxative effect of Triphala juice or supplement depends on the water intake, as they absorb water in the intestinal lumen and soften faecal masses without causing diarrhoea. Likewise, it offers painless excretion and a healthy stomach. It is suitable to use by anyone. 

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