Trending Customised Gift Ideas in 2022

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Gift-giving on special occasions is part of our tradition to express the deepest feelings and emotions. With many special occasions to shower loved ones with love and happiness, trending customised gifts will always make lasting impressions. Online gift stores are offering a seamless way to surprise loved ones with personalised gift delivery. In this post, we share trending customised gift ideas in 2022. Take a look.


A flower gesture is one of the best ways to convey the deepest feelings and emotions to anyone on all occasions. With a wide variety of flower colours, types, scents, and arrangements – there are just the right blooms to express love and happiness. Some of the most common flowers for gifting include roses, carnations, orchids, lilies, and daisies. Stun your loved one with a bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers in personalised wrapping at the ding of the doorbell.


Plant gifts have and will always be the best ways to love and happiness to loved ones on all occasions. With spiritual significance and a wide variety of decorative plant species and vase designs, there is something to spruce up any indoor or outdoor space. Some of the most popular plants for gifting are Bonsai Plants, Money Plants, Jade Plants, and Lucky Bamboo Plants. You can have the plants potted in personalised vases.


A lip-smacking and well-decorated cake on special occasions is the norm. Who would miss the cake cutting and feeding time? Make lasting impressions on your sweet tooth loved ones on upcoming special celebrations with a heart-melting cake surprise. Since you know their favourite cake flavours and designs, finding the perfect cake will be like taking a walk in the park. Some of the trending cakes to consider for the surprise are Photo, Pinata, Pull Me Up, and Designer cakes.

Sweet treat combo

There is an old saying that “food is the best way to touch anyone’s heart”! What better way to fulfil the old saying than with sweet treats. Offering loved ones sweet treats are a form of welcoming them with love and happiness. Melt your loved one’s heart on upcoming special celebrations with a lip-smacking sweet treat combo. The treats to include in the combo are Soan Papdi, chocolates (Ferrero Rocher, Kit Kat, Cadbury, & Kisses), cashew nuts, cupcakes, and cookies.

Gift combo

Still worried that you may not find heart-melting gifts for a picky loved one? A gift combo is one of the best ways to make lasting impressions on anyone. With a wide variety of items to include in a gift combo – there is always a gift combo that goes straight to your loved one’s heart. Some of the most popular items to include in a combo are sweet treats, cakes, plants & flowers, figurines, gift cards, and many more! Take the surprise a step further and have the items in the combo in customised wrapping paper and boxes.

Spiritual gifts

With a lot of inspiring and educational stories from ancient times, the best way to connect with our roots is to decorate personal spaces with spiritual gifts. Some of the most popular spiritual gifts to give loved ones on special occasions are God Idols and personalised jewellery. Spruce up the spiritual gift surprise by having the items nicely arranged in a personalised box (with a name, message, design, and more!)

Travel accessories

Travel accessories make travel a lot more convenient. Be it for a student, working-class, shopping, and many other travel adventures, there is always something for everyone. With travel accessories, you will always be a hero/heroine to your loved ones wherever they go! Some of the most common items to consider are backpacks, suitcases, purses, handbags, and power banks, to name a few. Take the surprise a step further and have the accessories personalised by printing or engraving a name, message, photo, and design.

Decoration gifts

Time is of the essence! Decoration gifts are a great way to make cherished memories with loved ones and future generations. Make the best impressions on your loved ones on upcoming celebrations with personalised decorative gifts. Some of the most popular decorative gifts that you can have personalised to suit the occasion and recipient are photo frames/lamps, posters, plants & flowers, and figurines, to name a few.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know trending customised gift ideas to express love and happiness to loved ones. Create cherished memories for the celebrations with thoughtful and personalised gift from reputable online gift store offering home delivery services.

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