TP Link Extender Connected But No Internet?

TP Link extender connected but no internet is one of the most common yet major issues reported by users around the globe. This bothersome issue can easily be fixed by implementing a few troubleshooting tactics provided in this article. So, there is no need to sweat over it. This particular piece of writing brings some of the best ways that will help you fix TP Link Extender connected but no internet issue in no time. Let’s take the plunge!

Fix: Extender Connected But No Internet

If you are unable to connect to internet even after completing TP Link extender setup using in a successful manner, check the TP Link troubleshooting tips highlighted below to get rid of the issue on the fly.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

Before pulling yourself into the advanced troubleshooting tips to fix no internet connection issue with your TP Link WiFi range extender, first check with your ISP if you are getting the actual internet speed you are paying for. And, when it comes to WiFi connectivity – confirm whether everything is fine from your service provider or not. If you find that the WiFi connectivity issue is from your ISP’s end, wait for some time and let your slow internet connection issue get fixed.

Fix 2: Reboot Your WiFi

A minor technical glitch in your network can also be one of the major reasons behind TP Link extender connected but no internet issue. Thus, to fix this, consider rebooting/ restarting your WiFi network. For this, you have to power cycle your TP Link WiFi extender along with your existing router.

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For the power cycle process, follow the steps highlighted below:

  • First things first, disconnect your devices from each other.

  • Then, unplug them from their respective sockets and wait for at least for 5 minutes.

  • After that, turn on your devices.

  • It is suggested to turn on your router first and then your TP Link WiFi extender.

Now, check your internet connection by accessing the login page. Is your internet connection working as expected? Still your internet connection running at a snail’s pace? No worries! Apply the next troubleshooting tactic highlighted below.

Fix 3: Check the Extender Location

If you have placed your TP Link WiFi range extender away from the reach of your router, then also you may encounter “TP Link extender connected but no internet” issue. Thus, to cope up with the issue, place your TP Link extender and router in close proximity. After relocating your TP Link extender, make sure that neighboring or public networks aren’t interfering with your extender’s WiFi.

Also, keep this mind – while relocating your TP Link extender, make sure that you have placed it in open and over a clean and higher shelf. To get the best TP Link extender WiFi signals, do not place it under a table or inside a cabinet.

Fix 4: Check the Configuration

Improper TP Link extender setup can also lead you to experience internet-connectivity issues. So, to make the most out of your TP Link extender and to fix internet connectivity issues with it, simply ensure that your extender is configured properly.

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For TP Link extender setup, access its setup page using tplinkrepeater web address or refer to its manual for instructions.

Fix 5: Check the Extender Settings

Just in case, you are in no luck of getting your internet back to work, head towards the login page and check the settings of the extender modified by you. Chances are that you have connected your device to an unknown WiFi instead of the extender’s SSID and changed the TP Link extender’s settings accordingly, resulting in TP Link Extender connected but no internet issue. So, to get the issue fixed, have a nudge on all the extender’s settings and change them again as per preferences.

Wrapping Up

Nothing worked for you in fixing TP Link extender connected but no internet issue? Need not to worry! Simply drop all your extender-related issues/queries into the comments section.

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