Top Treks in Uttarakhand

Catch yourself having the best morning chai of your life, with the best view, with the best person in Uttarakhand. To the fellow adventurers out there, pack your bags and onward to the wild, to the best, Himalayas. The treks in Uttarakhand provide a wide range of unique views, challenges for all kinds of trekkers. Following are some of the names that put a cherry on the top for your trip to Uttarakhand.

Nag Tibba

Nag Tibba is one of the most famou streaks in Uttarakhand and is commonly known as a weekend trek among tourists and trekkers. This short distance trek is done all year long and has some of the best summit views where you can spot neighboring peaks like Jaonti, Gangotri, Swargarohini, and many more. The trek takes two days to complete making it a perfect destination to spend your weekends. The base village of Pantwari is 80 km away from Dehradun and 50 kms away from Mussoorie. The actual trek stretches for 8 km to the summit. This is an all season trek and it is exceptionally scenic during the monsoons.


This is the most thrilling winter trek in the Himalayas to cover. The entire area and neighboring peaks are covered in pristine white snow under a clear blue sky. The trek is four day long and includes camping in the wild, on freezing snow covered slopes. The key element of the trek is the high altitude frozen lake of Juda ka Talab campsite. The lake is surrounded by tall oak trees with an outstanding view of the valley. This campsite is the best night you will ever experience under the night sky around a bonfire. Since the trek is fairly easy, many budding trekkers, families and their children hike to the summit and experience the first Himalayan snow of their lives. 

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Har Ki Doon

The village of Sankri is a common base village for other treks in the region as well. Situated at the gateway of Govid Wildlife Sanctuary, Sankri is a base village to treks like Kedarkantha, Har Ki Doon, Rupin Pass, Brarasda etc. within the sanctuary’s boundaries. Har  Ki Doon trek takes four days and covers a cradled shape valley between Garhwal ranges, river, streams, waterfalls, open fields. The trek lies in the easy to moderate range where a beginner can attempt to complete the trek provided with an expert guide. The views are spectacular with all the colors popping out of the valley.  The views are unreal during this trek. Even the camera can’ do justice to the sheer beauty existing in front of you.

Dayara Bugyal 

This is where you really connect to nature and every aspect of it. A trek to Dayara Bugyal is an enlightening journey. The trek stands out the most from other Bugyal treks due to its vastness and stunning views of neighboring peaks  and mystic features of its trails. The trail takes you through dense forests, to vast lush meadows. The terrain is perfect for beginners and often curvy. The uneven, rolling landscape  makes it exciting to hike and adventurous.  Here, there is little to no food or water supply, so you would need to carry your own gas or food for the trek. The base village is Barsu, make sure you carry everything you need beyond this point on. The winters are freezing cold hence carry appropriate bonfire ingredients for the nights. 

 Trekking Uttarakhand is more like a journey within yourself. The treks are mostly free of any kind of modern facilities. It is just you and the Himalayas. These are the treks your savor and treasure for the rest of your lives. Even if you are not big on adventures or trekking, do visit Uttarakhand for a perspective shift. Wandering off in these mountains without having to interact with the outside world really helps you enjoy living in the moment. Some other noteworthy attractions in Uttarakhand are; Chopta, Dodital Darwa Top Trek, Kuari Pass, Kalindikhal Pass, Kedarnath, Kedartal etc. 

Usually a trip to Uttarakhand costs not more than 7000-12000 rs per person depending on the number of days you are traveling. Make sure you travel with a credible travel company which include basic amenities like meals, a guide and transport. Remember to carry warm layers of clothes, sleeping bags, enough water and dry snacks and you are good to go. Just let loose and take the first step. 

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