Top Tips To Travel In A Campervan With Children

With international travels being halted, hiring campervans for a trip to Perth will be the most popular family holiday in this “new norm”. We offer a variety of campervan hire services in Perth so that you can choose the perfect home for your family, friends, and travel partners. If you’re traveling with children, a campervan trip might sound easy and cheap.

Choosing The Right Vehicle

A campervan that is right for you will make your trip easy and smooth. It is important to ensure that your motorhome can carry an Australian Standard child safety seat (if required).

What To Consider:

1. Space-A six-berth motorhome with 6 beds is an option for a family that has 4 people.

2. Shower and toilet – Parents who are traveling with small children will find it vital to have a bath and a toilet on board.

3. Entertainment – Would you like a television and a DVD player to keep your kids entertained while you drive?

4. Layout-Where are your kids sitting? Is it right behind you? Or are they further back, separated by the living room? Many parents find a walk-through layout useful so they can tend to the kids without leaving their vehicle.

5. Driving – How comfortable are you driving a large motorhome or a car? Do you require a vehicle that has a reverse camera and cruise control?

6. The requirements for camping – Check that your vehicle is appropriate for the site you have selected.

7. Storage is important – it can sometimes be difficult to travel light while traveling with children. Be sure to have plenty of space in your motorhome for your luggage. Tip: Consider using soft bags rather than hard suitcases.

Australian Backpackers has the expertise to advise you on the best vehicle for your family.

Making Pitstops Often

It is common for kids to become bored while driving long hours. The last thing you need to distract your driving is a child who whines and fusses. Everyone will be able to take a breather by stopping every now & again. This tip can save the day. Parents can enjoy a cup and take a break while their children grab a snack.

According to experienced parents, a pit-stop every 2-3 hours works well for their trip. Many people also believe that it’s best to travel during nap time or later in the evening. It is important to plan according to the child’s daily routine. This will prevent energy crashes that can cause crankiness, lethargicness, and lethargic children.

Customers’ Favorite Items

Children might have difficulty sleeping in a new setting. For children, familiar items such as their favorite blanket or cuddle buddy can make all the difference. It is best to keep your campervan light, but these items should remain on the “important list”.

In case of bad weather, their favorite book, toy, and board game can come in handy. Be sure to look into bike racks for your child if they love biking.

Reserving A Campsite

One of the most commonly asked questions about parking and staying the night is “Can you park your car anywhere?”

The simple answer is “No.” The regulations of the local council may restrict camping to designated areas, such as campsites.

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